4 Subcultures Fascinating Enough to Pique Your Interest

Some people feel comfortable within certain cultures, others prefer to add a special twist and create what we call today subcultures. Most of them revolved around a certain music genre. These trends have inspired countless people and have either led them on disastrous paths or on creative ones. Some of them have even based their whole lives on certain customs and styles. However, there are several subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest, that were quite popular in their times.

1. New Romantics

One of the subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest was the one of New Romantics.

The first on our list of subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest is the New Romantics. The movement started during the 1970s and was focused on both music and fashion. Since the punk rock music genre was dispersing, people needed a new one to identify themselves with. The ones who followed this particular culture were called “Blitz Kids”, “Romantic Rebels” or “New Dandies” by the press. They could often be found in the Billy’s club, and later on at the Blitz, listening to music icons such as Roxy Music or David Bowie. More precisely, they used to wear androgynous clothes, and the men would also often have frilly shirts in the Romantic style, as well as makeup. The subculture was especially inspired from the golden age of movies. New Romantics created the upbeat synthesizer pop music for dancing. One of the most famous bands of the new genre was Spandau Ballet.

2. Greasers

The Greasers were not well viewed by society.

The name of this subculture comes from the Greaser Act from 1855, an act that allowed American citizens from California to oppress Mexicans. Greasers appeared in the 1950s and were considered violent and dangerous in the society. The name also comes from the style of their greasy hair which was always full of pomades and gels. Some of them even carried combs to be able to style their hair wherever they went. Huge fans of Elvis Presley, greasers always wore jeans, leather jackets, white or black T-shirts and motorcycle boots, and this went well with their love for fast cars, motorcycles and rock music. Surprisingly, the style extended to women as well, who wore poodle skirts, jeans or pencil skirts along with their motorcycle jackets.

3. Neo Pinup

Pinup has been revived in the 1990s.

Pinup has been for a long time one of the subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest. Created in the 1940s by fashionable women such as Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe, it is one of the few that have been revived sixty years later by Sabina Kelley and Dita Von Teese. The style is now called neo pinup, and it borrows elements from the old version while adding a modern twist. Additionally, those who are part of this subculture often wear tattoos, piercings, brightly colored hair and clothes in the vintage style which are sometimes made of latex. Last but not least, quirks and personality are of utmost importance.

4. Russian Stilyagi

One of the subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest was the Russian Stilyagi.

The 1950s Russian stilyagi were part of one of the subcultures fascinating enough to pique your interest, and what we call today hipsters. In the gray times of communism, these young people would wear modern, brightly colored clothes from Western Europe, along with daring makeup and trendy haircuts. All this was for fighting for the freedom of expression. Thus, they were often arrested by the Soviet police. Stilyagi loved American rock and jazz music, and had to listen to it in complete secrecy. Furthermore, many of them collected discarded vinyl in order to create homemade records with their favorite music. In spite of the bad quality, it was better than nothing. Stilyagi had to cut circles from vinyl and burn a cigarette hole in the middle of the disc. In the end, an underground music network started distributing Western music to the people of the Soviet Union. As a result, the authorities created the music patrols to hunt X-ray press down and confiscate the records.

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