4 Things We Want To See In Pokémon GO

We have Pokémon movies and Pokémon console games. Pokémon merchandise can never go bad and we always want more.

Our wishes have been listened to. The Pokémon Company has announced there will be the mobile version which will be called Pokémon GO. Get it? Because you can play on the go.

While we do not know that much about the game yet we can still work with the limited information we got. Players will be able to interact with other players around the world. Pokémon characters will be available depending where you are. Since we do not know that much, we can only say what we wish to see in the new game. Here is a list of 4 things we want to see in Pokémon GO.

1. Trading System

A better Trading System is on the list of 4 Things We Want To See In Pokémon GO.

Ok, die hard Pokémon fans know there are about 721 Pokémon characters. This means it will be pretty tough for someone to gather all of them while remaining in a certain location. So what I am implying is that you will need to do some hard core trading with other Pokémon masters to catch them all.

So far what we known is that Pokémon GO works on the same principle as the other Pokémon games which will mean that the trading system is sort of the same. This cannot sufficiently satisfy us. What if you can only trade with your friends that live in the same area? There will be limited trading options as you will all have the same Pokémon characters.

There is no need to worry about this because there is still time until the game is released and the gaming company is still working on the game.

What they can do is to add the Wonder Trade. This feature can be found in Pokémon X and Y, the game version for Nintendo 3DS. Here you can leave a Pokémon that you do not want and you will get in return a random one. This can be a good solution and you can get an awesome Pokémon instead.

2. The Battle Ground

The Battle Ground is what we want on  4 Things We Want To See In Pokémon GO

Do you remember Pokémon cartoons when you were little? If yes then you will be able to spot the main difference between them and a Pokémon game regarding battles. The animation has Pokémon battles take place randomly, in very different backgrounds like grass, mountains or on water.

In the game version, the idea for a Pokémon battle is a bit different but nonetheless an amazing experience for the die hard fan.

What we know about Pokémon GO so far is that we will have Pokémon battles. Now we can only hope that they will spice things up and add interesting elements to the dueling grounds. For example if there is rain, make the water Pokémon stronger.

3. Legendary Pokémon

 The Legendary Pokemon are on 4 Things We Want To See In Pokémon GO

While we do love to get our hands or battle with a legendary Pokémon, such situations should be more rarely. As their title is Legendary, the encounters should be as rare as it gets. Imagine how wonderful will be to boast about how you have encountered Entei and you actually managed to catch him.

What would be awesome for Pokémon enthusiasts is to have the Legendary Pokémon wander randomly across the map and alerts should be made when one of them is near your location. This will make us stick like glue to the game. Who would want to miss an opportunity to catch a legendary one?

4. 3DS Game Integration

3DS Game Integration is part of  the 4 Things We Want To See In Pokémon GO

It would be wonderful if they will be able to integrate Pokémon GO to the main Pokémon series. Since it takes time and it is quite hard to train one character, the solution can come with transfers.

What if you will be able to transfer Pokémon characters from one game to another? That will be an awesome gaming experience. The benefit will be that you can train your Pokémon faster.

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