The Important Contribution of 5 African American Inventors in US History

Below we have compelled a short list of some African American inventors with their main contributions brought to today’s lifestyle.

african american inventors - ben banneker

1. Ben Banneker

Many professionals consider him the first one of many African American inventors in US history, who blazed the timeline of innovations that was followed later by plenty of African-Americans. He was a multi-talented character, as he was not just inventor, but a major voice of the anti-slavery activity too. He was remembered for providing a Farmers’ Almanac. Also, he is acknowledged with developing the first pocket watch from wood and forecasting several astronomic events based on his own computations. Remarkably, he managed all this by self-education. He passed away in 1806.

african american inventors madame cj

2. Madame CJ Master

She is one of the most famous women in African-American history who modified drastically the US beauty market. From humble washing laundry employee to the top of a company empire, she made this entire trip in an interval of just 15 years. She developed a variety of beauty items and hair maintenance cosmetics in the beginning years of the 20th century, without ever going back.

African American inventors - George Washington Carver

3. George Washington Carver

He is known as one of the most famous African American people at, contributing massively to the innovations made by them and, without him, a large part of the kids in school would starve since the P&J snacks would not be introduced in children meals.

George Washington Carver assisted the preservation of the Southeast cultures by presenting the plating of nuts (legumes) as a spinning plant to recover the nutritional value that tobacco and cotton cultures absorbed from the vast soils. When the farm owners – who were satisfied with their improved results – began to grumble because they gathered too many nuts and did not know what to do with the massive quantities – George Washington Carver came up with the brilliant idea of peanut butter – with more than 200 other uses for the peanuts.

Garrett_Morgan african american inventors

4. Garrett Morgan

He was another main factor that brought the list of African American inventors where they are today. He saved many lives by producing the gas masks, which represented great defense and equipment technology in WWI – or the automated stoplight, a device that helps you to keep you safe on the crowded streets of these days.

Elijah_McCoy african american inventors

5. Elijah McCoy

Though qualified as an engineer – because of the skin color he could get jobs only as on the railway as fireman or oilman. The duties were to fill the motors with fossil fuel – and personally lube various shifting areas on the motor or trains so they could keep functioning. At that time, all trains had to make pit stops at rather short distances to be oiled to prevent the parts from freezing or locking up.

McCoy invented the “lubricating cups” – automated lubricators which took the position of manual lubrication. All train companies liked it and so did the others who tried have a share of the earnings. McCoy had more than 60 copy cats and none of them did an excellent job as his original lubricating cups. Then, the train entrepreneurs began requesting “the real McCoy” and this term is constantly used in the United States in regular conversations nowadays.

During the last few decades, more African-American scientists created the long-lasting impact in almost all areas by presenting to the public awesome technology. Dr. Mark Dean, for example, has over 20 patents in his entire career, such as 3 of the initial 9 PCs at IBM. He performed an important part in creating the 1-Ghz processor, which had incredible potential. There are a lot of African-American individuals on the list who made themselves to be a lot in advance of others.


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