5 Angelina Jolie Movies You Should See

We all know Angelina Jolie. Whether it’s for her famous voluptuous lips, for the famous couple she’s a part of, Brangelina, for her powerful acting, for her ambassadorial work or for her numerous children, her presence as a brand is a fact. As an actress, she has won several awards granting her talent. We’re so used to admiring the beautiful Angelina on screen that we want to remind you5 Angelina Jolie movies you should see. These are the best depictions of her beauty, as well as some of her best interpretations.

1. Changeling

Angelina Jolie Movies

The mother of a missing child, here Angelina has some of the few roles than doesn’t involve her sexuality as poignant as in other movies. She is depicted as a desperate and fighting mom who tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of her child. She unintentionally discovers something is not right when the LAPD gives her back a child who is not her own. Later, when she tries to fight it, she ends up in an asylum. The whole plot contains themes of female dis-empowerment and corruption of public servants.  It is one piece of a lengthy movie, 2 hours and 20 minutes, but we promise that it’s a good deal.

2.  Maleficent

Angelina Jolie Movies

Here Angelina plays the beautiful villain who is a young and accepting lady turned into a stone when she suffers a cruel betrayal from her loved one. She curses Aurora, the child of her former lover, now an enemy, but later she realizes, as the plot develops, that she cares for the child. The movie is full of humorous scenes where Angelina plays the funny role, lacking the dark drama usually surrounding the villain and making her character actually easy to empathize with.

3.  The Tourist

Angelina Jolie Movies

As in many other movies, Angelina plays here the role of an international spy who accidentally meets a disoriented Johnny Depp as a tourist. The combination of the two actors is quite interesting, adding more to the plot. This is one of the movies you can admire her beauty in lots of ad-like scenes, with Angelina posing with smiles for camera while surrounded by men in Venice.

4. Mr & Mrs. Smith

 Angelina Jolie Movies

From our list of 5 Angelina Jolie movies, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the romantic action comedy movie type. Here Angelina plays the role of a married professional killer who finds out she needs to kill her husband. Who happens to be a killer himself, also hired to kill her. The plot develops into an action movie with snarky and funny lines between the two husbands, as they fight each other to death. Although not her best movie, here Angelina is highly entertaining and in the first part of the movie we can see a seriously troubled marriage developing under our eyes, with sarcastic lines exchanged between the two hubbies.

5. Girl, Interrupted

Angelina Jolie Movies

This is one of the most powerful movies Angelina has played in up so far. A graphic depiction of mental illness, Girl, Interrupted conveys a story of women in mental institutions. Here she plays the role of Lisa, a cool sociopath, the best friend role of the main character, Susanna, one drama queen who voluntarily checked herself in the mental institution. Lisa is a continuous inmate, making her way out and in the hospital and occasionally being put into a straitjacket. The plot is developing in the 1960’s and it describes how strongly patriarchal mental institutions were. Moreover, it brought Angelina Jolie an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, when she was only 24 years old.


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