5 Awesome Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas is almost here! The tree needs decorating and the Christmas cards need creating. If you’re in the dark about what direction to take with your family’s Christmas card, you’re in luck! We’ve got 5 awesome and clever Christmas card ideas that are going to be a smash hit! If we were to only give out one single advice for your family’s Christmas card this year is to not take yourselves too seriously. Keep it light, fun and funny. And don’t forget to smile.

5. Make Your Own Christmas Cardchristmas card ideas handmade

Everybody can take a unique picture and slap it on a Christmas card, it’s simple! But not everybody’s creative enough to make their own Christmas cards from scratch. If you’re looking for homemade Christmas card ideas, look no further! Making a Christmas card has never been easier with a Cricut machine or Stampin Up. A handmade DYI Christmas card will always be more appreciated than a store-bought one. Recycle old materials and photos and create a gift that is going to show how much you like Christmas (a nice picture holder is easy and inexpensive to make).

4. Mi-ni-malchristmas card ideas minimal

Yes, you can do something completely un-Christmassy and go as minimal as possible in your photo. Black and white photos are going to be a huge hit with friends and family. Keep it simple: no horrible sweaters, no weird hairdos and definitely no serial-killer smiling. Try to choose clothes that aren’t going to be able to place you in a certain time frame. Go for cool timeless, if you can. If you’re a couple, don’t choose the classic matching-sweater for couples route. You’re an adult, so act like one.

3. Awkward Family Photos – Christmas Editionchristmas card ideas awkward

If you’re not new to the internet, then surely you know of the best website there is on the web, Awkward Family Photos. It’s a place where all the best quirky, weird and plain scary family pictures are posted. We urge you to spend a little while browsing the website and we can assure you that in a matter of minutes, you will get a Christmas card idea that is going to both delight and scare your loved ones. Why be boring, when families can be so much fun and weird?

2. Pets Galorechristmas card ideas grumpy cat

Got a cute pet? The Christmas card isn’t complete without them. Make sure they’re included, not just as a piece of furniture, but as active members of the family. Unfortunately, animals aren’t easy to work with and especially to photograph. If you’ve got one dog or a cat, then you’re in the clear, but more dogs or cats simply spell trouble and we suggest you do yourself and them a favor by not including them in your Christmas picture.

1. Tormenting the Childrenchristmas card ideas children

The best type of Christmas card is, naturally, one in which everyone looks their best, but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve got kids, a toddler or any kind of baby, it’s time you put them to good use and have some fun. How about you dress them up in nice and embarrassing outfits so that they can remember you for decades to come? Therapists need to keep their jobs, right? And a hideous sweater will help them do that.

Make sure you put some effort into writing and creating the greeting messages or message. The greeting should be simple and to the point, not too emotional, but not too cold. Display your love for the Holiday season with a nice font and wording, it’s a letter/card that’s going to be seen by many, so put some thought into creating it.

Looking for more inspiration for Christmas cards ideas? Then we suggest you try Pinterest or Tumblr.

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