5 Beautiful Luxurious Hotels

Some people like natural beauty and nothing else, going to remote places to enjoy it and just it, without the hubbub of society and civilization.

Other people like exactly that. The purring of life in a busy urban center, with all the comforts that the city can offer.

But it’s probably universally appealing, to each and every individual to have both beauty and luxury rolled up into one perfect package.

Which is what the 5 beautiful luxurious hotels which are about to be presented below can offer to their clients. For the appropriate price, of course.

1. Singita Sabi Sand

5 beautiful luxurious hotels - Singita Sabi Sand

Situated in the South Africa in the Kruger National Park, this resort was designed by up-and-coming African architects and is gracefully integrated into the landscape. Its two lodges, Boulders and Ebony give off a vibe of an old fashioned 60s movie featuring a daring explorer coming back from a dangerous safari to enjoy a tasteful location as he rests.

Among its features are private showers outdoors, tours to photograph the surroundings and the wildlife and a wine cellar stocked with excellent wines. And speaking of the wildlife, there’s plenty around, including elephants that like to dip their trunk in the river nearby now and then.

2. Taj Lake Palace

One of the 5 beautiful luxurious hotels is Taj Lake Palace.

All the way over in Udaipur, India this time, the hotel in question is a magnificent sprawling complex, with 17 suites available for the ultimate experience in comfort, on this private island on a lake. But if you don’t want to break the piggy bank, you can also opt for its 66 “regular” rooms.

Don’t worry, they’re in the same league of magnificence with the suites, featuring frescoes and mosaics which are a testament to this structures 263 years on this Earth. And to make the experience complete, the hotel even has a fleet of vintage cars that you can rent.

3. Ocean House

The list of 5 beautiful luxurious hotels includes Ocean House in Rhode Island

In the Watch Hill district of Rhode Island rests a gem of the Victorian architectural-style, right on the waterfront. But its story is like that of the Phoenix: it features a comeback, but is still inherently sad. Because this current establishment is remarkable for keeping much of the form and structure of the original hotel by the same name built here in 1868.

However, that original hotel was demolished in 2005, marking the end of the last Victorian Era hotel on the waterfront in the entire Rhode Island mainland.

Still, the present incarnation’s 49 guest rooms (along with the many other rooms housing the pool, spa, restaurant etc.) are more than impressive in their own right, regardless of being relatively newly built (opened to the public in 2010).

You can also choose to stay in one of the condominium suits, of which this estate has 23.

4. Four Seasons in Gresham Palace

5 beautiful luxurious hotels - Four Seasons Gresham Palace

The Gresham Palace in Budapest is a complex built on the place of a neo-classical palace built in 1827 and called Nákó House. The Gresham Palace came to be because the Gresham Life Insurance Company bought the Nákó House in 1880 and then decided to make something new and larger, which they completed in 1906 after two years of work.

Then, its history becomes more convoluted, being used as a barracks by the communists Red Army after World War II, then being abandoned and finally being swapped from one owner to another, including Four Seasons who still manage it.

And if you know other Four Seasons hotels around the world, you have an idea of how much they value luxury and form. This one is no exception with its Art Nouveau architecture, large staircase, beautiful ironworks and many other details

5. Nayara Springs

The list of 5 beautiful luxurious hotels includes Nayara Springs

The owners of this hotel claim it is one of the most romantic places in the world, placed as it near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. And the Springs part in the name is no lie either, because the clear cool waters from the aforementioned volcano do pass there.

Interesting about it is also that it promotes itself as an adult-oriented place, with entertainment options like various excursions, horse-riding, water-rafting, zip-lining and many others being provided by the staff.

With plenty of rooms in three complexes to choose from, of which some include hammocks, your stay in the jungle will feel authentic enough, yet without sacrificing luxury and comfort one bit. An interesting combination.

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