5 Best Movies on Blu-Ray

The way technology seems to operate today, Blu-Ray movies could be obsolete by tomorrow morning, before you finish your Frosted Flakes. But for now, there is no home-cinematic technology that comes close to displaying the crystal clear picture and sound quality that Blu-Ray DVD’s offer. With an ever growing collection of new releases and classics upgraded to Blu Ray every day, you can now enjoy hundreds of movies in near perfect quality. We’re not kidding- Blu Ray DVD’s are simply stunning. But like everything in life, some are better than others. And we’re here to tell you the 5 Best Movies that you can purchase on Blu-Ray DVD.


1. Planet Earth Box Set (10 Episodes)

There is probably no better way to show off your new, shiny High-Def TV and Blu-Ray player that you mortgaged the house for than the Planet Earth series from the BBC and Discovery Channel.  This 10 Episode series documents the natural world from every corner of our planet. The footage is truly breathtaking, and with the Blu-Ray DVD, you will feel like there are plants and animals roaming around in your living room. We seriously recommend this set for any nature lover, and although it pains us, we would give the nod to the English version narrated by David Attenborough, rather than the American version done by Sigourney Weaver.

2. Avatar

We’re not sure if James Cameron was waiting for the filming technology to evolve to shoot Avatar in his vision, or just waiting for Blu-Ray to come out, but thank goodness they both happened at around the same time. Seeing Avatar in the movie theaters three years ago seriously pushed the limits on what I expected to see after paying $50 on a date out to the movies. But with Blu-Ray, the experience is not lost while on the couch in your underwear. The combination of fantastic CGI scenes and live-action helps this movie reach our number 2 spot. The expansive aerial battles between the RDA and Na’Vi’s look and sound so good, this movie is a necessity in your Blu-Ray collection. You’ll get a ton of extra bonus footage and features with the special Blu-Ray edition, and it is well worth the expense if 3 hours of Avatar was not enough for you.

3. Black Hawk Down

         “Super 61 is down. We got a bird down in the city. Super 61 is on the deck now”

Black Hawk Down is the ultimate guy movie, and nothing changed when the film was ported to Blu-Ray Dvd. You’ll notice the high quality sound that the technology affords while bullets and RPG’s are wizzing by you- while your still sitting on the couch in your undies. The whirring of the Black Hawk blades will give you goosebumps, and Josh Hartnett and Orlando Bloom look just as good bad in Blu-Ray as they did on the big screen. Right. Anyway, the quality of sound and story help make this movie Number 3 on our list.

4. Toy Story 3

You’ll probably have to throw some clothes on for this one, but Toy Story 3 makes our list for a couple of reasons. The story is awesome; yeah, yeah- usually the third installment of a series is a complete failure, but we promise that this one is an exception. You’ll have a blast with the same gang of Andy’s toys as they try to break out from daycare. Aside from nostalgia, the picture quality of Pixar’s most famous film franchise’s third movie is excellent. Crystal Clear CGI leads the way as Toy Story 3 takes the cake for animated movie quality. Never has Bo-Peep looked so good, or Buzz for that matter. You won’t be disappointed in the finale of this great franchise.

5. Apocalypse Now

Not that anyone would want to relive 1969 Vietnam, but if you did, you could just as easily pick up Apocalypse Now on Blu-Ray and enjoy the mission from the couch. The re-release of Apocaplypse Now on Blu-Ray is a must have for any war movie buff, and makes our list at Number 5. The explosions and battles look and feel better than ever, and if your a true Apocalypse fan, there is a ton of extra footage added over the 40 plus years since its original release.



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