5 Bill Murray Movies You Haven’t Seen Yet

You have almost certainly seen Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and Scrooged at some point in your life. If for some inexplicable reason you haven’t then you should do this right away, as these are truly great Bill Murray movies.

What about the other movies he has done, though; the ones which less people have seen than should be the case? Here are 5 of the under-rated Bill Murray movies you should check out some time.

What About Bob?

Bill Murray Movies and What About Bob

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This 1991 movie shows Murray in a different type of role from the wisecracking smartass we are so used to seeing. In this one, he is, well let’s be honest here, he’s a bit of a pathetic loser. He is also just a little bit crazy and decides to follow his psychiatrist and family when they head off on holiday. The combination of Murray’s mad antics and the attitude of the straitlaced doctor (played by Richard Dreyfuss) is magical.

Quick Change

Bill Murray Movies and Quick Change

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This 1990 Bill Murray movie is his only directorial credit to date. Any film which involves clowns robbing banks and getting involved in a torturously complicated getaway is fine by me. There are more problems in the way of their attempted quick escape to the airport than you could imagine and the actors all play their part in making this a fun and interesting film.


Bill Murray Movies and Kingpin

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As wacky plots go they don’t get much sillier than this. Murray plays a thoroughly unpleasant champion ten pin bowler in this Farrelly Brothers comedy. He really is a despicable character and might possibly be the worst in Murray’s long line of larger than life sleazeballs. He wages a long battle with his bowling enemy (who is played by Woody Harrelson) which leaves him with a mangled hand thanks to the ball return device. This is when Murray’s character decides to take on a promising young Amish bowler as his new champion. You have almost certainly seen trailers for this tasteless and enormously funny movie but if you haven’t seen it all then I can definitely recommend it.

Ghostbusters II

Bill Murray Movies and Ghostbusters II

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So, you saw the first Ghostbusters movie but not the second one because you heard that it wasn’t as good as the original. Well, it isn’t as good but it is still one of the most amusing Bill Murray movies which many people haven’t seen yet. The special effects are a little dated now but they were good for the time it was made. However, what should draw you to this film is the fine acting from Murray and his co-stars- Murray puts in an especially assured performance which underlines the silliness of the plot while somehow also enhancing it.

Get Low

Bill Murray Movies and Get Low

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Robert Duvall teams up with Murray in this 2010 effort. Duvall is a bad tempered hermit who has spent decades living far from other people. He teams up with a slick Murray character to stage a living funeral. It is a hugely rewarding black comedy which sees both of these heavyweight characters get their teeth into a meaty script. If you have never before noticed how good an actor Bill Murray is then this film will help you see it. Surprisingly, it is based on a true story.

We have also highlighted the top 5 Bill Murray movies.


  1. Have you even seen “Kingpin?” You have the story completely reversed, and while this is a great film, Bill Murray is hardly the star. Randy Quaid’s Amish bowler trying to save the family farm, and Woody Harrelson’s washed up bowler as Quaid’s mentor (Woody actually has the mangled hand, not Murray) are the two main characters in this Farrelly brothers classic. I appreciate you alerting Murray fans who may not have seen it, but please don’t mislead them into thinking he has anything more than a fairly minor supporting role in it.

  2. OMG, what about”STRIPES” or his first staring role in “Meatballs”?????? That was just about the funniest movie ever!! OK, maybe not, but it certainly is, without a doubt, the funniest “summer camp” movie EVER!! In my opinion, it will forever hold that title. (I did see part of “Meatballs 2” but it didn’t even come close, I didn’t make it through half.)

    Then there is “STRIPES” I just can’t believe that either one of those was even mentioned, at all!

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