5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

I’ve always had a perhaps strange obsession with the world of paranormal, but it’s comforting to know that I’m far from being the only one. In fact, there are people who go to greater lengths to pursue their passion; they don’t settle for some Internet browsing and creepy pasta reading, they become something crazy, like ghost hunters. Either way, the paranormal phenomenon is vast and inclusive: haunted places, spirit activity, urban legends, creepy pastas, myths and so on. Let’s go back to urban legends for a second, though. They’re probably the scariest component of the paranormal, since they’re constructed in a way that makes them seem the closest to reality. Many of us end up double checking over our shoulders when walking alone, at night, on a deserted alley, after consuming an urban legend story. In the last few years, there is one in particular that took great proportions and exploded, mostly because it stopped being a simple, baseless myth: it has proof. Many, many people have begun sharing their experiences with the so called “black eyed children,” something truly concerning for all of us who were used with stories that have no foundations. The BEK’s, as they’re shortly referred to, are children with pitch black eyes, who have a strong desire to get in your home or climb into your car, and ooze a powerful sensation of dread and panic. This exact pattern can be found in these 5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters, as told by various Reddit users.

1. Bus Ride

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters - Bus Ride

This is a story told by a security guard, who was riding the bus around the late night hour of 1 AM. At one point, a young man got on the ride, properly dressed and carrying a suitcase. Although he didn’t pay much attention to the man at first, our narrator points out that he suddenly noticed the man was holding a cigarette between his teeth and chewing on it. Unsettled, the story reaches its climax when our security guard says the man abruptly turned out, his eyes pitch black, a dreadful grin on his face and tobacco remains painting his teeth. The Reddit user concludes by mentioning he changed his seat and moved behind the driver’s seat, though he also points out the possibility of a prank by saying he later noticed the man casually chatting with a girl.

2. Hairdresser

Hairdresser - Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

I’ve heard this particular story before, and it’s become a bit of a BEK encounter classic. Reddit user BigTaco123 shared the tale of their first and only experience, when they were twelve years old. Parked outside of the hair salon where their mother was getting a haircut, the user noticed a boy on the sidewalk that they confused with an old friend. After our narrator banged on the window to get his attention, the boy approached the car and simply gave an empty stare for a few good moments. This is when the black eyes were brought to the user’s attention, who accentuates how terrifying the sight was by detailing how his irises were lost in the sea of pitch blackness. The boy then said, “You must let me in,” at which point the user locked the doors and cocooned in the space between the seats. When the mother returned from the salon, she mentioned that a young boy approached her and asked for her car keys. Chilling, right?

3. Unwavering Eye Contact

This Is One Of The Most Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

Freelancer47 shared the story of when, one night, he escorted a young woman to her car, because she was terrified of several children who were supposedly following her around. After some minutes of walking and chatting, she stopped, squeezed his arm and pointed out that the children in talk were across the street. Ready to give them a good scolding, the user approached them, but was startled by the unsettling fact that they were completely still and didn’t break once their eye contact. This was an instant red flag for him, as he claims that he is generally intimidating. He quickly retreated and then pointed the woman to the nearest police station.

4. Halloween

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters Happen On Halloween Too

This story is shared by an user, who heard it from a neighbor who first-hand experienced the phenomenon. A well known Halloween lover, the neighbor suddenly stopped decorating his house for Halloween. When our user approached to ask him about it, he responded by saying something terrified him so much a year prior, he decided on keeping his house in the dark. A little bit past midnight on Halloween night, he opened the door to greet two boys, only to freeze in the frame when a wave of dread washed over him. The boys weren’t dressed up, but what stood out was the pitch blackness of their pupils, which swallowed even the whiteness of their eyes. They started insisting on being let into the house to use the phone, but as much as the man wanted to slam the door, he claims something was holding him back, as if he was caught in the spell. He eventually closed the door, but didn’t go to bed until 5 AM, in fear that they’d find a way into his house.

5. 6 AM Knock

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters - 6 AM Knock

A newlywed couple that had just moved from the countryside to a big city, was abruptly woken up by a knock on the door at six in the morning. The husband went to answer the door, being greeted by the sight of a young boy clothed in a long, black leather coat, wearing sunglasses and eating an apple. He asked if he could come in to warm up several times, each time getting vehemently turned down. Just when the husband was about to close the door for another time, threatening to call the police, the boy stuck his hand out and stopped the door in its hinges, lowered his glasses and revealed a pair of eyes swallowed by a sea of blackness. The only thing he said was, “You won’t be calling anybody.” After slamming the door, this was the last time the couple saw the boy. Later, when the husband went outside, he was startled to find his considerably tall patio fence still locked from the inside, and a half eaten apple lying on the ground.

The most unsettling part about all of this, though, has to be that there are so many more stories where these came from. Black eyed children seem to be the most widely witnessed urban legend, having plenty of proof to back it up. Obviously, we’re not trying to freak anyone out, since the best way to avoid them is by doing something that we should already be doing: not opening the door to strangers. And especially creepy looking children. These were 5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters to remind you of that.

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