5 Comics’ Moments The Walking Dead Won’t Use

If you’ve ever watched “The Walking Dead” you know they’re not shy with the amounts of blood they use. And if you’re never watched the show, here’s how it goes: there’s a scene that involves someone being eaten alive every five minutes. And as scary and gory as that sounds, it’s pretty addictive. After I discovered “The Walking Dead”, I went through the first three seasons in a week, barely leaving the house. I was so hooked on the whole post apocalyptic zombie world, I would then startle on my way to the grocery shop when a twig would snap and I kept looking over my shoulder to check for walkers. But how much is too much for this TV series? They seem to enjoy killing off all their characters, so we can’t help but expect another Red Wedding. We took a look at the comic books and shook our heads at some scenes. Read about the gory 5 comics’ moments the Walking Dead won’t use. Hopefully.

5. The Unique Way Out

5 Comics' Moments The Walking Dead Won't Use

Carol is probably the character who has grown the most from the beginning of the show. If we were introduced to her when she was a victim of domestic violence, we witnessed how her skin grew thicker when she lost her girl. She became a fierce fighter who never hesitates to kill. But the comic books tell the story of a different Carol. She’s much younger and yearns to be accepted and loved. When she is rejected, she kills herself by allowing a tied up zombie to eat her alive. Phew! We’re all glad Carol’s still on the show and we hope she won’t willingly hug any walkers too soon.

4. A Jamie Lannister Touch

5 Comics' Moments The Walking Dead Won't Use

In the comic books, the whole Governor situations plays out differently. He is still the bad guy and Rick is still the badass hero. But the Governor is crueler than his TV equivalent and cuts off Rick’s hand, in an attempt to make him understand neither him or anyone else is safe in the big wild world. On the other hand on the TV series, Rick is safe and sound and can still do up his laces in a few seconds. Did “The Walking Dead” producers get cold feet about maiming the main character? Still, even if they didn’t pull a George R. R. Martin until now, it doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. As much as we all like seeing Rick intact, he might get bitten by a walker and he has a handful of enemies who would like to teach him some manners and chop off his arm.

3. A Different Kind of Boyhood

5 Comics' Moments The Walking Dead Won't Use

Has anyone else noticed how good Carl Grimes is getting on screen? Thankfully, he overcame his teenage, moody phase and is now on his path to manhood. He has some amazing zombie killing skills and he’s not whining that much anymore. Can we start cheering for even more character development? Listen to this: in the comic books, after Alexandria is attacked by a humongous herd of walker, Carl is shot in the head and loses a big chunk of his face. Would the directors venture to put this in the show? Only time will tell.

2.  Playing Baseball with Glenn

5 Comics' Moments The Walking Dead Won't Use

In the comics the wickedest villain is The Saviors’ leader who wields a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. That sounds pretty Mephistophelic. And there’s more! He uses his custom made weapon to kill Glenn, a much loved character whom we all cheer foor whenever he fights with someone. Will this be Glenn’s fate on screen as well? Or can we expect “The Walking Dead” to subvert our expectations and kill Maggie instead? Either way, I’m already getting sad.

1. Hush, little baby, don’t you cry

5 Comics' Moments The Walking Dead Won't Use

We all regretted Lori’s death after giving birth to Judith, leaving Carl an orphan and Rick a widower. In fact, we should all be happy we didn’t get to see what the comic books did with the whole scene. In the comics, the Governor wins the battle at Woodbury and everyone is running in all directions. Including Lori, tightly holding her new born in her arms. But when the mother is shot from behind, she falls forward and dies on the spot, smothering her baby girl underneath her. We can see why the producers didn’t insist on putting that in the show, giving Judith a chance at life, even though the zombie world in which she was born is ruthless.

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