5 Awesome Drinking Games & Their Rules

What is the best thing that you can do on a Saturday Night? Go out with your friends, drink and have fun, of course! But you know what’s even more fun than that: Getting completely smashed after playing one of the drinking games on our list. Obviously, we do not promote heavy drinking, but it would be a shame not to try one of these games at least once. Just make sure that you have a designated driver and an aspirin in handy for the next day. Without further ado we give you the best drinking games that have made high-school parties and gatherings 10 times more exciting.


FUBAR drinking game

FUBAR is the type of game that will get you drunk no matter what you do. You need a deck to play it. Shuffle it and scatter the cards in a pile, in the middle of the table. Players take turns picking cards. They then turn it over for everyone to see. Here are the rules:

  • Ace = 1 drink, 2 = two drinks, 3 = three drinks
  • 4= Questions: you have to look at a person of your choice and ask them a question. The person has to answer with a question, and this keeps going until someone screws up.
  • 5 = Give 5 drinks to someone
  • 6 = I never: for this card you have to say something you have never done before. The other players must drink who have also not done it must drink.
  • 7 = Thumb master: Whoever turned the card must place his thumb on the table, whenever they want, and the other must follow. The last one to place his thumb on the table has to drink. This can be done until the next Thumb master card is picked.
  • 8 = Categories: The drawer chooses a category and the other players must name a thing of the same kind (example: music, lyrics, rhythm, hit etc.)
  • 9 = Rhyme: The drawer chooses a word and all the players have to say words that rhyme with it. Whoever screws up has to take two drinks.
  • 10 = Social: everyone at the table has to drink
  • Jack = guys have to drink
  • Queen = girls have to drink
  • King = Waterfall: This one is the hardest card. The drawer has to start drinking, and then the second person starts drinking until the first stops. The third starts drinking until the second one stops etc.

2. Power Hour

Number two on our list of drinking games is a game that will not have mercy on you until you are under the table. There is only one rule: to take shots of beer every minute for an entire hour. Of course, you can add rules to the game if you want but that will only make it harder. Just say thanks it’s not vodka or tequila.

3. Beer Pong

beer pong drinking game

What drinking games top would be complete without the infamous Beer Pong? It is without a doubt one of the most popular game in America. To play it you require 12 glasses of beer. Arrange six on each side of the table (like bowling pins). There are two teams. Each has to throw a ping pong ball to the opposite side of the table and land it in the bear glass. The winning team is the one that makes the other one drink all the beers. The losers have to drink all the remaining beer on the table.

4. Quarters

Here’s another popular drinking game: Quarters. It can be played with any number of players but it works best with 3-6. You basically have to sit at a table, and spin a quarter to decide who starts. Each shooter has to bounce a quarter of the table and into a glass. If he manages he gives a drink to someone (the amount given to drink is decided upon on the beginning). The shooter’s turn ends when he misses the cup. To make it more exciting you can add more rules. Whoever breaks one of them has to drink.

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5. Edward 40 Hands

For this game you will need duct tape and 2 40’s of beer for every player. Each hand receives a 40’s of beer and you can’t take it off until both bottles are empty. In other words, you can’t pee; you can’t do anything until then. As you can imagine, the purpose of the game is to get you completely wasted.

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