5 Fan Theories that Will Blow Your Mind

How often do you watch a movie and think what if something else were to happen? Or if there is some hidden meaning that points to a whole different direction? There are many movies with open endings, such as Inception, where viewers can speculate whether all the events were real or just a dream. We can find various aspects to prove our theories, but no one can say for sure whether they were true or not. However, we have gathered some ideas that are as crazy as they are legitimate. Here are some fan theories that will blow your mind.

1. Back to the Future

The idea about Dr. Brown is one of the fan theories that will blow your mind.

The movie about traveling in time might not be as happy as we know it. Doctor Emmett Brown seems always enthusiastic and focused when creating or experimenting. However, a new fan theory draws attention to the fact that the character has taken refuge in his work from the loneliness of his life. As a result, he has became mad and even more, suicidal. The statement is supported by a scene from the movie. At some point Dr. Brown stands in front of a fast moving Delorean and seems to have no intention to move. He eludes death because the car jumped back in time, and this points towards the fact that our doctor could have been suicidal.

2. The Dark Knight

The Joker could be a war veteran.

This theory about the Joker character is related to the whole Batman fandom, but the proof can be found in The Dark Knight movie. Apparently if we put together the character’s features and abilities, we can conclude he is a war veteran. The idea emphasizes his tortured psychology and his scars, but also his capability of planning tactical operations. Not to mention his familiarity with firearms and explosives. Furthermore, in a discussion with Harvey Dent, the Joker expresses his disgust with the people who weren’t paying attention or just didn’t care about the truck with soldiers that was blown up. Villains always have troubled pasts, don’t they?

3. James Bond

One of the fan theories that will blow your mind is that Bond might be only a codename.

The universe of James Bond does have some slippery slopes. Even though the movies span over a long time and different actors, the character stays the same. Fans have compared him to Doctor Who, the guy who travels across time and space and regenerates every time the actor is changed. This fact was supported only once in the movies, when George Lazenby famously stated that what he had been going through never happened to the other guy. But why couldn’t James Bond just be a codename, passed from agent to agent? The idea stands strong, as other characters such as Q or M change their appearance, but the codename stays the same.

4. Harry Potter

Harry might just be trying to escape from his harsh reality.

The hugely popular series about the wizardry school has a tremendous fanbase. If you check the fanfiction section on Harry Potter, you will find countless alternate stories made up by fans reaching every single aspect of the book or the movie. However, a new plausible theory has been circulating on the Internet this year. Someone suggested that the whole story that extends over 7 books and 8 movies is actually happening inside Harry’s head. How could this be? The explanation is not too far-fetched. In the beginning we see Harry being bullied and oppressed by his adoptive family. Forced to live alone in the cupboard under the stairs, the boy starts to imagine a different world where everything was possible, he had true friends and he saved the world. Who could deny that it might be his way of coping with the terrible life he has to live?

5. The Thing

One of the fan theories that will blow your mind is that Childs is truly the Thing.

This horror classic from 1982 has a bizarre ending, intended to confuse viewers. The two main characters, Childs (Keith David) and McReady (Kurt Russell) are laying in the snow opposite one another, and neither of them knows who is the Thing, the monstrous alien they have been hunting. However, the creativity of fans knows no boundaries. Many have speculated that McReady offered Childs a Molotov cocktail instead of a normal drink. Since it doesn’t seem to affect him in any way, the fact stands as proof that Childs is truly the Thing. This idea proves that bleak movie endings can always get worse.

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