5 Farewell Gift Ideas To Preserve Memories

Everything that has a beginning must also have an ending. This includes, unfortunately, relationships too. There is a time when we have to say goodbye to classmates, to colleagues, or even to friends. Of course, plenty of us have developed the habit of saying our farewells with tight hugs and the occasional tear-shedding. But does anyone remember when farewell gifts were a thing? There is no better way to ensure that you’ll be remembered by those you leave behind than through a physical token of your bond. This is why, we’re presenting some farewell gift ideas that will do just that.

Farewell Gift Ideas


#1 Journal

Even though we live in a digital era, that doesn’t mean that we can kiss goodbye anything that doesn’t belong on our smartphones. In fact, the fact that some of these things are now bordering the “vintage” category, they should be even more sought-after.

If your work colleagues are the type to always get busy, we guarantee that a journal or a diary are going to make their day, regardless of whether they’re enthusiasts of phone agendas and planners or not. Bonus points are given if the journal is bound in an intricate and classy-looking cover.

#2 Earth Globe

In reality, very few people keep globes around for actual practical purposes. They’ve become a nice aesthetic addition more than anything. But, hey, you know what this means? It means that you don’t need to get a globe showcasing the actual map of the world anymore.

It seems like manufacturers are loving the idea of having globes as decorative objects just as much because there is an incredible diversity of models. You can acquire normal-sized globes that actually show the dark and light parts of the world in real time. You can get a globe that displays constellations and serves as a source of light at night. The point is that you definitely have a variety to choose from.

#3 Cake Topper

There is even such a thing as a farewell party, which most of the time also involves a cake. When talking about farewell gift ideas that are meant to preserve memories, anything edible might not be the best idea. What can they preserve if they’re gone?

A cake topper, however, is a totally different thing. It can be something as blunt and straightforward as your own name or something more ambiguous and interesting. After the cake itself is devoured, your friends or colleagues get to keep the cake topper as a memento of your times together and the deliciousness of the cake.

#4 Travel Mugs

Some great farewell gift ideas involve the possibility of picking something that will prove to be useful and practical as well. If this is coworkers we’re talking about here, then it’s almost certain that they’re the victims of the routine that involves chugging down coffee for survival.

What can you do to help? You can get them isolated travel mugs. Because of the times we live in, it’s wondrous if your average busy corporate worker gets to eat as much as a slice of French toast for breakfast. To help them save up time, gift them a travel mug that they can deposit their coffee or tea in on their way to work.

#5 Group Photo (+Frame)

Kill two birds with one stone with farewell gift ideas such as this one. Giving someone a photograph is the most definitive way to ensure that you have a way to preserve memories. After all, photos can’t be eaten and they’re rarely misplaced.

But, wait! The photograph itself isn’t the only gift. When handing it over, make sure to have it framed nicely. This gives the option to the gift receiver of using the frame for other photographs. It’s two gifts in one!

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