5 Fun Food Challenges To Try At Home

We just continue challenging ourselves, don’t we? This sounds inspirational in theory, but the truth is, it’s nothing particularly inspirational that we are talking about. Rather, it’s the harsh reality that a lot of what we consider entertainment these days involves either challenges, competition, or both. But, hey, we’re not really saying that’s bad. These little challenges that have spread all over the Internet are a means for us to directly test ourselves and have both fun and a hard time while doing it. And the most popular of them? Fun food challenges, of course.

Fun Food Challenges


Whether you’re at home, with friends, or recording this for the joy of an Internet audience, these are all some fun food challenges that you can jump on board of immediately.

#1 Chubby Bunny

If you’re not too fond of the idea of stuffing your face with marshmallows, turn away from this dare immediately. But then again, you did look up fun food challenges and, chances are, that there will be a little bit of grossness and torment combined with all this fun.

The challengers in talk attempting this lovely task much each put into their mouths one marshmallow piece at a time and say “chubby bunny.” The game keeps going until your mouth is so filled by the sugary goo now formed that you can’t properly form the words anymore. Or, you know, until you realize that you’ve had enough marshmallows for now and for the rest of your life, probably.

#2 One Minute Twinkie Challenge

Have you ever thought that someone placing a plate full of Twinkies in front of you and telling you to shovel in as much as you can would be considered a challenge? Not in essence, but when you are actually being timed and supposed to get in as many pieces as you can in just one minute – things get a bit complicated.

Although this may sound like one of the typical fun food challenges spawned by YouTube and its endless stream of creativity, it’s actually a proper Guinness World Record. It was challenged a while ago by a Japanese man who managed to establish that 14 is the most Twinkies someone was able to eat in one minute… so far.

#3 Hot Wing Challenge

Just like in the case of the seven circles of hell, the further we go down this list, the more likely it is for one of these fun food challenges to actually make you cry. What better catalyst for poignant tears than the scorching blazes of the hottest sauces on Earth?

Having spread around the Internet as one of the hottest (ha, ha) challenges at the moment, this little moment of insanity involves various people dipping their chicken wings in all kinds of sauces with a spice level off the charts. What many of us don’t get to see is them curled up in a fetal position in a corner and regretting their choices afterwards.

#4 Saltine Crackers Challenge

Just like a blade with both edges sharp, this is one of the challenges that newcomers might be quick to pick up on because it looks seemingly harmless.

The premise sounds simple enough – eat six Saltine crackers in under one minute. This definitely doesn’t compare to 14 Twinkies, so what’s the big deal here? Their texture doesn’t allow for multiple consecutive cracker chewing since they dry up your mouth. Have you ever tried swallowing food without saliva? Try this challenge and you’ll see.

#5 Oreo Challenge

Let’s end this list on a note that doesn’t involve getting challengers near the brink of tears, death by spiciness, or accidental cracker choking. The Oreo challenge’s only fault is that it may make you look a tiny bit silly.

Take a seat in your most comfortable chair, prep five boxes of Oreo near you, and place one on your forehead. From then on, without using your hands, try to move the biscuit towards your mouth until you can take a bite out of it.

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