5 Great Wedding Decoration Ideas

The big day is approaching fast and you still haven’t come up with a theme and you don’t have a clue how your wedding’s going to look like? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we’re here to give you some great wedding decoration ideas and themes that are going to transform your wedding from something simple to something amazing. If you want a wedding that you’re still going to remember on your 50th anniversary, read on and take notes.

5. Budget Doesn’t Have to Mean CheapWedding Decoration Ideas mason jars

These days, everyone’s searching for inexpensive stuff and when it comes to weddings, that can be quite tricky. A budget wedding is possible, but you will need to invest a lot of time and take care of the tiniest of details, just to make sure it doesn’t come out looking and feeling cheap. Here are a few ideas for a DYI wedding:

  • Mason jar party favors. Just look at this picture and tell us it’s not awesome?!
  • Hire a friend to take the pictures. Why hire a professional photographer when you can get a friend that knows their way with a camera take all the pictures?
  • Ask a friend to let you use their fancy car, instead of hiring a fancy car.
  • Have your wedding reception in your own backyard, or if you don’t have one, ask a friend to let you have the wedding in theirs.

4. Pick a Funky ThemeWedding Decoration Ideas indian

Most of the times, weddings are way too serious, so why don’t you make your super fun?! These years there have been a surge in Indian style weddings. If you, too, want a Bollywood wedding, do a bit of research and make a list of do and don’ts. We suggest you only pick things that you are comfortable with, and don’t just adopt the whole Indian theme. Red, gold and purple are nice colors for an indoor ceremony this winter. If you really want to go crazy with a funky/funny theme, you could try Western or Jamaican!

3. Shabby Chic RusticWedding Decoration Ideas sabby chic

The shabby chic style will pretty much never go out of fashion. Vintage is here to stay and if you love it, then we suggest you do a shabby chic rustic wedding. Perfect for summers and fall, country style inspired weddings are perfect for a couple who loves the great outdoors. Have the reception outside, if it’s warm enough, but have the church ceremony inside, you don’t want to get rained on when you walk down the aisle. If you have a garden, hold the reception there, but know that a fun and inexpensive shabby chic location would be a barn or a nice white tent.

2. The Beach, Your MistressWedding Decoration Ideas beach

A beach ceremony is all kinds of awesome. It’s also quite inexpensive: throw some chairs and tables, have a lovely flower arch and a nice gazebo and you’re done. Naturally this can only be done in the summer of if you live in a warm location. Some of the best wedding decoration ideas get their inspiration from the sea, so why not make the sea your wedding theme if you can’t have your wedding on the beach? Great sea-inspired decorations, a sea décor, includes shells, sea snails and blue and green. Decorating for a sea-inspired wedding isn’t hard at all!

1. CaketasticWedding Decoration Ideas cake

Do you and your significant other have a sweet tooth? Then, bring your love for sweets to your wedding! Have a fantastic cake, a wonderful sweets buffet and candy party favors on each table. Let the sweets be the inspiration for your wedding. Shower your guests with love, head over to your closest confectionary shop and go wild, it’s your wedding.

For more inspiration for wedding decoration ideas, we suggest Pinterest.


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