5 Greatest Achievements by Benjamin Franklin

It is rare to see an individual capable of multiple talents. It is even rarer when the person is also good hearted and works for the good of the people, and not for his own interests or the petty ones of companies or sometimes governments. One such man was Benjamin Franklin. Mainly known for his discoveries in physics and his involvement in politics, he also had talents in managing services and in arts, among others. Here are the 5 greatest achievements by Benjamin Franklin.

1. The Fire Department

One of the lesser known facts about Franklin is that he was involved in a Fire Department.

One of the lesser known facts about Benjamin Franklin is that he was a founding member of a Fire Department.

First of all, Franklin showed his concern for mutually beneficial services instead of the exploitation of the consumers. In 1736, Franklin became a founding member for a fire department where only volunteers worked. These volunteers called themselves Union Fire Company. However, after Franklin’s involvement, they became widely known under another name: “Benjamin Franklin’s Bucket Brigade”. Thus they founded together an insurance company, “The Philadelphia Contributionship”. This was particularly useful for policyholders who could in this way share the risks.

2. The Treaty of Paris

One of the top 5 greatest achievements by Benjamin Franklin was signing the French treaties.

The signing of the Paris treaty.

Secondly, he was part of the grand events that were happening in the 18th century. While serving as Minister to France, he manufactured a document that later came to be known as the Treaty of Paris. In 1781, he negotiated an alliance between the united colonies in America and the French, thus setting the beginning of the relations between the two. The colonies were provided with financial support in order to be able to fight against the great British Empire. Later on, Franklin was also involved in the signing of two other important documents: the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance with France. The two treaties were essential for the recognition of the United States’ sovereignty.

3. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

It is well known that Franklin was among the ones who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence.

However, there were two other even more important documents drafted by Benjamin Franklin. The Continental Congress appointed him to the drafting committee for the Declaration of Independence. He reviewed the Declaration as well as signed it along with 54 other men. Furthermore, Franklin also strongly advocated for the inclusion of freedom of speech. The Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 for the independence of the 13 colonies in America from the British Empire. As a result, they became sovereign states.

4. The First American Instrument

The top 5 greatest achievements by Benjamin Franklin includes the first American instrument.

The Glass Harmonica.

Apart from his involvement with politics and services, Franklin also stepped into the field of arts. He is responsible for the first American instrument. The glass harmonica was created in 1761 and resembled the bowl organ made from glass. However, the new instrument had several bowls set sideways and which could overlap. The movement was triggered by a foot pedal. The fact that it made it possible for 10 bowls to play during the same time made it hugely popular. Great composers such as Beethoven and Mozart composed music especially for the glass harmonica.

5. The Electricity

The top 5 greatest achievements by Benjamin Franklin includes his discoveries about electricity.

Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment.

And lastly and most importantly, Benjamin Franklin contributed immensely to science. He managed to prove that electricity was made from a common element, contrary to the previous belief that two opposing forces created it. In order to discover this he almost died twice, and it is reported that the only thing that kept him alive was the fact that we wanted to try again to receive a stronger charge. His work in the field served as a basis for further theories, like the single fluid one. Furthermore, Franklin also created names for different components: the condenser, the conductor, the battery and the charge among others.

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