5 Ideas for Crazy Pajamas

Pajamas are most of the time associated with bland comfortable clothing, as opposed to the more interesting day wear or the seductive but not quite so cozy category of night wear. Well, not anymore. We’ve comprised a small collection of stuff that some creative pajama designers thought of and all of them are really the opposite of bland. If you want to turn all the heads at some PJ party you might attend (and why not even organize your own since your PJs will get such an upgrade), here are some wonderful ideas on how to get your freak on or simply sleep in style. All this while not actually breaking the concept of pajamas per se, thus keeping all the lazy comfort this attire is supposed to pack.

1. Skeleton Candy Pajamas.


This really cool pajama allows you to look like a skeleton, as opposed to most skeleton pajamas you may find that are just printed with little skeletons or skulls all over the place, thus disabling this cool skeleton-yourself effect. The background color is obviously black and maybe in the darkness of night you can actually look like a little bony lass for real. But what is also interesting about this set of crazy pajamas is the sugar candy detail that takes away a bit of the original idea’s gore (and not in a way that kills it). The only cooler thing that can be imagined in terms of skeleton pajamas are a pair that would also glow in the dark: such a thing exists, but it only comes in children’s sizes. Darn.

You can find the skeleton pajamas here when they have it in stock.

2. Dynamic duo Batman and Robin (babies only)


Since the subject of pajamas for kids just came up, do you happen to know any friend who might be expecting twins? Not great odds, yes, but if you happen to know anyone, there aren’t many gifts you could bring to their baby shower that can top this one. Especially if the expecting parent(s) are superhero fans. And the babies can just switch the pajamas every now and then, so no one is stuck with the sidekick label.

This pajama set / beanie with mantle set is available from Etsy.

3. Sexy redneck pajamas


Well, actually these are She-Hulk pajamas, part of a larger collection of superhero-themed pajamas for geeky girls. But you have to admit these really look like a smoking body (you can now feel superhot even while having a lazy day around the house in a pair of comfort PJs), and combined with the busted halter-top that looks like something a great-grandpa would wear… well, you know what we mean. It looks like a sexy redneck (ok, a green redneck). One could even go as far as to call that top a man-beater, as the female counterpart of a wife-beater shirt. Just lovely. And the shape is quite flattering.

You can find this at Spencer’s Gifts.

4. Man’s PJs for sleeping Like-a-Boss


Men, don’t feel neglected, here’s a pair of crazy pajamas for you too: it has all the comfort and laziness of regular night wear, but you go to sleep in style. Like a boss. For the win.

You can find a variety of these on SuitJamas.

5. Scuba diving PJs


The main thing you can accomplish with this set of crazy pajamas is that even though you’re tired or lazy or anti-social and you turn down every opportunity to get out of the house, by wearing these you will feel like you’re off on an adventure. An underwater adventure not for the faint of heart, to be more precise.

Unfortunately, this set isn’t available right now, but they had it at Gap, as part of their Old Navy Collection. But stay on your heels, you may find it again sometime.

Well, this was our list of ideas for crazy pajamas. We hoped you enjoyed and that you already thought of fun things to do while wearing an out-of-the ordinary set of PJs.

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