5 Ideas for Game of Thrones Gifts

In the famous words of Ned Stark:  “Winter is Coming”. It is literally coming, and this means you have to buy Christmas gifts for all your friends and family. But what exactly should you be looking for? Let’s face it, half the world’s population is addicted to Game of Thrones, so what better way to celebrate Christmas than by giving your loved one a gift he will never forget? We have prepared for you 5 of the best Game of Thrones Gifts that you will ever find online.

5. Game of Thrones, The Card/Board Game


The best Game of Thrones gift that you could offer someone who has already watched the entire series, is the board or card game. Not only do they look cool, but the game-play is also enticing. In this game you will have to defend your great house (whichever one you choose) amidst the war and betrayal that is raging in the world of Ice and Fire. Weaponry is not included for the games so you might want to get that as well. This will make an excellent Game of Thrones Gift for any fan.

The board game already has a second version, where the rules are streamlined with integrated expansions. This means that your friend can play many of the great houses as well as several smaller ones. In general, the game should be played by 3-6 people. It can last around 3 hours, but this is one of the cool Game of Thrones gifts that everyone will enjoy.

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4. Fully Painted Dragon Kit


The dragons in Game of Thrones are absolutely stunning. Admit it, you’ve been secretly hoping to own one yourself. You can be sure that your friend also thought the same thing. The great news is that you can offer him dragons with your next Game of Thrones gift. This miniature dragon model is extremely detailed and life-like and it will definitely be much appreciated by your loved one.

3. Westeros Map Cushion


I believe that this is one of the best Game of Thrones gifts that you could get. Not only does it feature the amazing world of Westeros (on which you can pin-point a character’s death before you go to sleep), but it actually looks really cool in the bedroom. The fabric on the cushion is really good, and you can be sure that your friend will look at it every night before going to bed.

2. Stark Direwolf Bookends


Out of all the supernatural creatures from Game of Thrones, the Direwolfs are undoubtedly the coolest ones. Each of the Stark Children (even Jon Snow) have one that symbolizes their house. A great Game of Thrones gift would be the Stark Direwolf Bookends. They are designed to look exactly like the dire wolves led by House Stark. Also, the sturdy bookends measure 8 inches tall and weigh approximately 6 pounds each. This means that they will hold up books nicely.

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1. Artsy Game of Thrones Paintings

The last choice for Game of Thrones gifts is also one of the best. Just take a look at these cool paintings which you can buy from Etsy. There is also a special offer: if you buy two you will get one for free. These watercolor art, prints and paintings will look perfect in your friend’s house and they will always remind him of his favorite show.





Additional information: 

Standard sizes: 8”x10”, 8”x12”, 12”x16”, 16”x20”, 20”x28”, 24”x32”

Other sizes and patterns are available on request, so you can personalize your cool Game of Thrones gift for your friend.

Purchase Link: Artsy Paintings GOT, Daenerys Painting,

We hope you liked these Game of Thrones gift ideas and that you will use them to surprise a passionate fan. 

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