5 Inspirational Kids

We’re used to thinking adults inspire kids, with children looking up (literally) at grown-ups for advice and role models. But things are starting to change and you too could find the following 5 inspirational kids amazing. What fuels these kids’ determination to change the world? They can be brutally honest and demand justice be done immediately. What is more, they seem to be able to ask the questions that are on the lips of most adults who can’t pluck up the courage to speak up. So get your pen and paper ready to jot down some ideas from these selfless kids.

1. Hailey Fort

5 Inspirational Kids

This 9 year old builds shelters as a hobby. After she became friends with a homeless man, she felt determined he had the right to have a roof over his head. It didn’t take long before Hailey took things into her own hands… literally. She can handle a screwdriver better than most adults so she managed to build her friend Edward a mobile small house. The shelter is not luxurious, but it can keep the man away from the cold and rain and it even has windows. Besides building houses, Hailey is also taking care of a garden which produces food that is then donated to the homeless people.

2. Christian McPhilamy

5 Inspirational Kids

This 8 year old’s sacrifice involved growing his hair for two years and then donating it to an organization for children who suffer from cancer or alopecia. Christian was 6 when he decided he wanted to grow out his hair and the other kids in schools weren’t very supportive of his decision. He constantly got bullied and mistaken by a girl, but he never thought of giving up. His blond hair grew as long as 12 inches, so you could say the teasing paid off in the end, all in the name of a good cause.

3. Gracey Chafin

5 Inspirational Kids

Gracey, aged 8, also donated her hair. She offered her help to a classmate who was diagnosed with leukemia and gave her 10 inches of her hair. But Gracey didn’t stop there. She initiated a fundraiser at her school and she managed to gather 1300 toys, games and books that were donated to a children’d hospital. She surpassed her record this year when she repeated the fundraiser that amounted to 2000 collected items. As an ambitious little girl, she’s already set an even higher goal for next year. All the items gathered by Gracey are gifted in hospitals to children who suffer from horrible diseases.

4. Robby Eimers

5 Inspirational Kids

Robby is joined by his grandmother  and his younger sister every weekend in Detroit where they serve food to the homeless people. If at the beginning Robby washed cars so he can buy food, clothes and toiletries for the homeless, his selfless initiative has attracted donations from big supermarket chains like Wal-Mart and other kind hearted people like those from the Detroit Red Wings. Helped by his grandmother, Robbie created the Eimers Foundation that focuses on helping homeless people with food and water and also attempts to get them off the streets.

5. Xavier Elliot

5 Inspirational Kids

This 10 year old has had a hand experience with homeless shelters. This determined him to work hard to help and do his part in the community. He came up with a unique way of raising money for the much needed food and clothes. Armed with a sewing machine, he makes clothes which he sells online. Encouraged by his mother, he managed to reach out to many online users that didn’t hesitate to offer donations, fabric supplies and sewing tools. As a former homeless boy, Xavier knows what it’s like to starve or not have a roof over your head. His actions are touching and a real inspirations both for kids and adults.

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