5 Mysterious Places that Will Make the Bermuda Triangle Seem Safe

Everybody knows about the strange sightings and happenings from the Bermuda Triangle, but as creepy as the stories may sound, this place is not the only one teeming with supernatural and paranormal activities. Theories about this place range from plausible, to absolutely ludicrous. Some talk about alien abductions while others have reported time warps and other strange things. If these theories enthrall you, you will definitely love the following 5 Most Mysterious Places that will Make the Bermuda Triangle Seem Safe.

1. Bigelow Ranch

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If animal mutilations, UFO sightings, paranormal creatures and mysterious happenings sound like your cup of tea then you should definitely consider buying your own ranch near the Bigelow one in Utah. There have been many strange occurrences documented in this place since the 50s, but without a doubt the most notable one was that of the Sherman family. In 1994 they encountered a large wolf on their pasture, so the first thing that they thought of was to pet it, since it seemed tame. Although it was gentle with them, it apparently grabbed a calf through the bars of its enclosure, and when they tried to shoot it, nothing happened. In the end it left, and although Terry Sherman tried to track it, its tracks stopped all of a sudden, as if it disappeared. The family also reported UFO sightings, and intelligent floating orbs. In the end they sold the ranch to Robert Bigelow, the founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science.

2. The Bridgewater Triangle

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The first Triangle on our list, is the Bridgewater one. It is literally like an all-you-can-eat buffet of the supernatural. Since 1970 numerous people have documented sightings of tall, hairy, ape-like creatures, Thunderbirds, and even giant Pterodactyl-like creatures. Six years later, a man reported the existence of a red-eyed dog that ripped the heads of his two ponies. But it doesn’t stop here! Physical evidence under the form of mutilations point to the practice of satanic cults in the area. Inexplicable objects in the sky have also been seen, including a sphere of fire which hovered over New England.

3. Point Pleasant

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Point Pleasant is not as pleasant as it may sound. Since 1966 it has been shrouded in tales of mystery and strange events. Besides the “usual” UFO sightings and reports of “Men in Black” it is also the place where the Mothman hangs out. We don’t know if it is an alien, cryptid or just a mutant creature, but hundreds of citizens have reported a 7-foot tall broad chested man with glowing red eyes and wings that stretch 10 feet long (and drag behind him on the ground). The Monthman has appeared in movies, books and stories, and although there have been many scientific theories that tried to explain him, it was to no avail. Sightings ceased on December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridged collapsed and took 46 people with it.

4. Bennington Triangle

By now you probably already know that you should stay away from triangles. The Beinnington one has seen its fair share of disappearances, UFO sightings and other strange occurrences. During 1945-1950 five people disappeared in this area, and there was no connection between them, except the geographical one. Only one body was found, the last one, after more than 6 months of searches, but it was so mangled and destroyed that forensics could not determine the cause of death. People from the area believe in things like aliens, Bigfoot monsters, or serial killers that walk the woods. Whatever it may be, one thing is clear, you should stay as far away from triangles as possible.

5. The Devil’s Sea

Another scary place, with an equally scary name is the Devil’s Sea (or the Dragon’s Triangle, you can call it whichever way sounds more ominous) can be found in the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Japan. This place is home to unexplained phenomena such as magnetic anomalies, lights, and disappearances. In 1952, Japanese authorities send a vessel with 31 people to investigate the place. They were never seen or heard of again. People believe that the Devil’s Sea is home to gates to parallel universes (even to the Atlantis). 

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