5 New Applications Designed to Make your Life more Entertaining

A series of brand new applications have appeared on the market, each one of these bringing novelty in its own field.

Whether it is about taking the perfect picture, playing a quick game on your mobile phone or finding some exciting stuff about a particular subject, you can be sure that below you will get exactly the app suited for your need.


1. Imgur

Imgur has just launched a new program: their most recent application in the iOS App Store is a software able to make browser surfing much simpler for the websites’ visitors through an incredible number of images and GIF submitted onto the web pages.

Imgur had initially released the application in the App Store two years ago, but it was drawn back less than a season later. Their app only included the web view to the mobile site of Imgur and it was just too slow for the visitors.

This brand new program, however, represents a huge step ahead: all pictures are listed in cards and the website’s customers can surf across the ocean of images by simply swiping between edges. For voting up or down and posting their comments for the images, it is only needed a simple tap over them. Usually, Imgur’s new app will firstly list the most popular images, but it also provides the choice to view random pictures or the newest submissions.

2. Snapi

Snapi is the end of uncomfortable selfies, without having to extend the hand and fingertips just for a click pressed at exactly the right time. With Snapi, now anyone can save the perfect image and there is not even involved a contact with the phone. Just raise the open hand, close it in a fist and then open it in front of the camera and it will be enough for taking the best photo, since Snapi is able to function up to 13 feet (or 4m) away.

This apps’ features include: as said above, touch-free technology powered by eyeSight, a configurable countdown clock to select the exact time that passes between the action and image capture, a switch for the digital cameras placed in the front and back of the device or the auto-focus option triggered by the recognition of facial features.

3. StubHub

StubHub has released a new edition of the StubHub Music iOS application that will offer its customers the capability to synchronize the software with their own Spotify collections to generate an individualized list of concerts in the near future with their preferred artists and locations. Having tens of thousands of results listed every day, originally depending on the users’ iTunes collections, StubHub with its included Spotify synchronization function is now much simpler to use for all music lovers who want to find activities in their area by getting more targeted suggestions and notices. The application is available for sale in the iTunes App Store.

4. Wikipedia

The way we interact with the web has increased considerably in the last years. There have been large developments in style, consumer experience and functionality, in both online and mobile versions of Wikipedia. Wikiwand is on a mission to make Wikipedia a standard for those who are passionate about Internet encyclopedia

Its creators want to provide the same advantages for the online visitors as for those who prefer real libraries. This where WikiWand comes in, offering to the already known Wikipedia format a more user-friendly look. The organization reckons that these developments will improve the biggest Internet encyclopedia’s amazing material for a faster and considerably enhanced studying experience.

This new program is based on the more vivid and better styles of web design preferred recently by the online environment, being contemporary and very fresh. Big pictures and a simple to use sidebar makes surfing Wikipedia extremely easy.

5. Zenith

Zenith is a simple and fun way to spend your free time, while guiding a spaceship between the planets encountered on the way. As many other programs based on action development, it goes through different levels, allowing the used to gradually build his gaming skills over each level. However, the good part is that each time when a level proves to be too hard, the player has the possibility of skipping it if he wishes, and then coming later in an attempt to surpass it.

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