5 Predictions from Nostradamus That Came True

Even though many dispute the veracity of many prophecies, some of them have simply too many exact details to be considered coincidences. Michel de Nostredame, otherwise known as Nostradamus, was a visionary who lived in the 16th century and has predicted numerous major events throughout our history. The following predictions from Nostradamus that came true extend over four hundred years, and there are people who claim that there are still a couple of events in his prophecies that have not yet come to pass. The prophet’s predictions have been collected in a book named Les Propheties.

1. Great Fire of London (1666)

The Great Fire of London was one of the first predictions to come true.

The first of the predictions from Nostradamus that came true on our list happened one hundred years after his death. His prophecy said that many just people of London including some belonging to a sect will be burnt by a fire in the year ’66. This came to pass when the city was engulfed by flames for four days in 1666. The second part was also true as 87 parish churches belonging to the Anglican Church and the Church of England, as well as St. Paul’s Cathedral were burnt to the ground. The two churches were seen as sects of Christian faith. The cause of the fire was never determined exactly.

2. The French Revolution (1789 – 1799)

The French Revolution is one of the predictions from Nostradamus that came true.

Nostradamus also predicted that one day, before the war, the lords and princes will be imprisoned by the enslaved people, and that the king will be executed, in addition to the fall of the great wall. He also mentioned the location of this disaster: the soil of the River Seine. One of the bloodiest events in the history of France came true when the French Revolution started in 1789. During the rebellion, Louis the XVI was executed, along with many members of the religious and aristocratic classes. The fall of the walls refers to the Storming of the Bastille fortress.

3. The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte (1804)

Napoleon's rise was also predicted by the prophet.

Some predictions from Nostradamus that came true are focused on certain persons rather than events. This particular prophecy made reference to “PAU,NAY,LORON”. By re-arranging the letters, we can obtain the name “Napaulon Roy” which is a clear direction towards Napoleon Bonaparte, since “roi” means king in French. The prophecy also stated that his blood will not be as important as his fire and that he will deny entry to the Piuses. This points toward the fact that even though Napoleon did not have royal blood, he had enough determination to become one of the greatest rulers in history. Furthermore, he imprisoned two popes: Pius VI and Pius VII.

4. The Rise of Adolf Hitler (1934)

Nostradamus misspelled Hitler's name as Hister.

But Nostradamus did not stop here. He predicted the rise of Hitler when he referred at a child born in a poor family situated in Western Europe. His abilities of a demagogue and orator were also mentioned as his power to seduce a grand troop. However, by the time he became the Fuhrer of Germany he was already well-known in the Soviet Union and Japan, hence the prophecy’s realm of the East.

5. The Second World War (1939 – 1945)

WWII is among the predictions from Nostradamus that came true.

Lastly, one of the most important predictions from Nostradamus that came true was about the Second World War. The prophecy pointed towards Germany, the main instigator of the conflict, as the place between the Lower Danube and the Rhine. The prophet also mentioned that the greatest part of the army, meaning the Allies, will fight “Hister”, a clear misspelling of Hitler. The German army also featured various military machines defined as hungry beasts that crossed both land and water. The last part suggests the Allies dragged the Nazi leader in an iron cage where German child sees no laws. Hitler committed suicide in his iron bunker.

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