5 Reasons Why We Don’t Like Keira Knightley

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley

This is more like a response to the previous 5 Reasons Why We Love Zooey Deschanel movie post, which was just too adorable. Well it’s time for some amusing negativity now, revolving around one of Hollywood’s most debated actresses. Here are 5 reasons why we don’t like Keira Knightley and could never like her unless she decides upon a totally new approach. What kind of approach? Beats me.

1.   She is not convincing

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley1

Well it goes without saying that her acting skills need a little more practice. However she seems to get all the great parts and therefore earn millions and she even gets nominated for Oscars for being completely wooden! How come? And you can see she’s trying, but doing it all wrong, all the time. There are hundreds of young talented actresses out there. What are they afraid of when picking Keira Knightley for the 80th time? Don’t they know she will be the same? She always is, despite the character.

2.   She seems infatuated

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley2

I’m sorry t admit this, but she just has the most annoying accent. She should do something about it, and be able to hide it once in a while. This would definitely bring a pale of fresh air to her next role. I mean for Pirates of the Caribbean it worked perfectly, but come on now; she clings to it even when she has to play a down-and-out street girl like the one in Bend it Like Beckham. It’s like a constant Look at me, I’m so delicate message delivered all the time, 24/7.

3.   She has a chin problem

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley3

This is actually a highly discussed subject. This thing she does with the lower part of her face: she loves to jut out her chin whenever she has to express frustration or strength, or hard decisions in the face of a whatever overwhelming experience her character is going through. Well, all these “things” are called emotions, and an actor is supposed to actually recreate them inside of him. The jaw will eventually come out on its own, supposing it will feel compelled to do it

4.   She is pouting all the time

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley4

This pout thing is a secret weapon belonging to a lot of young girls looking for approval. They do seem more interesting, more involved and giving while doing this silly thing with their lips. The pouting however is more used than the chin thing. Well she’d use it on just any occasion she has something to express. The chin is for the hard scenes, while the pout is for the lighter ones.

5.   She is not a real actress

5 Reasons why we don’t Like Keira Knightley5

Well is high time she took up some acting courses, don’t you agree? Despite her parents being actors, Keira just seems to have skipped all acting courses she ever came across. She needs to learn how to be real, and convincing and how to really act out a situation. Everybody knows she’s not a professional actress, but with all her success she ought to improve her skills, at least for the sake of the public.

Nevertheless hopefully success didn’t go to her head completely. We’re certain that she is a perfectly decent young lady, and she is aware of all the comments people are making about her. Her being down to Earth was proved in this statement: “I completely agreed on every level,” said Knightley. “I didn’t go to drama school, so I didn’t get the training. It was difficult to get over that: ‘What am I doing? I’m pretending that I can do this and everybody’s telling me I can’t.’”  Please take up some acting lessons, Keira!

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