5 Stories of Lost People Who Resurfaced

Losing someone dear, either by death of by mischance brings a lot of pain in our hearts. However, we must always remember that miracles can be wandering just around the corner. The following list of 5 stories of lost people who resurfaced will make you wonder at the different fates of people. These stories will also show you how misfortune can turn into a blessing. All these people had one thing in common: their unwavering belief that they could find their loved ones and their determination in doing so, even if it took them many years.

1. Homeward Bound

The top stories of lost people who resurfaced include Saroo's childhood.

The first of our 5 stories of lost people who resurfaced happened in India. Five-year old Saroo was on a train with his brother when he decided to take a nap. His older brother promised to wake him up when the train stopped near their home, but Saroo woke up by himself, completely alone. He boarded the first train he saw, thinking and hoping it would take him straight home, but it was not to be. The boy arrived in Calcutta, 750 miles (1,200 km) away from his home in Khandwa. Saroo became a beggar on the streets of the city until he ended up in an orphanage. From there, he was adopted by a Tasmanian family and he moved with them to Australia. All went well, but Saroo grew homesick as each year went by. In 2012, twenty-six years after he got lost he set out to search for his home and mother. Thanks to his memories, the information on Indian train speeds and Google Earth, Saroo managed to arrive home. His mother was stunned to see her lost son, but nevertheless happier than she had been for the past twenty-six years.

2. Lost, but not forgotten

Raymond Power had forgotten all his life when he was found by his family.

Raymond Power found himself completely lost on the streets of Chicago. With no memory of his life or name, homeless and alone, he went to the Pacific Garden Mission for help. One of the employees who was trying to help him found out his name on America’s Most Wanted website. Apparently his wife, sister and children had been trying to find him for seven months. But what had happened during this time? No one could tell. He just disappeared one day after leaving work and according to his credit card usage, he had been to Ohio and Pennsylvania. In the end, it would seemed that Raymond, who was a former police sergeant and a Vietnam veteran, had been greatly influenced by the horrors he had witnessed. His breakdown was triggered the day he narrowly escaped the attacks of 9/11. Unfortunately, this is one of the stories of lost people who resurfaced which did not end happily, as Raymond was not able to regain his memory. Nevertheless, his family was happy to have him back home.

3. Music for the Soul

The homeless man who became known by playing the piano is included in the top stories of lost people who resurfaced.

Last summer in 2015, a dozen of pianos were brought to the downtown area of Sarasota, Florida. Everyone who wanted to try their hand at the musical instrument or showcase their talent could do so. Thus, a homeless man named Donald Gould decided to play for the public. The people were so impressed that NFL recruited him to play on Levi’s Stadium. In this way, Gould gained popularity as many videos of his performance were posted online. This was exactly his purpose. Gould had lost his son fifteen years ago when his wife died and he turned to drugs, ending up on the streets. Thankfully, his son who was eighteen years old, saw him online and contacted him. The story had a happy ending, and Gould concluded that music was the one that made him see the world when he was young, and now reunited him with his long lost son.

4. Impossible Coincidences

The two South Korean sisters were reunited by an incredible coincidence.

Our top stories of lost people who resurfaced continues in Sarasota, Florida. Holly Hoyle O’ Brien, born Pok-nam Shin was originally from South Korea. It was there she lived with her half sister, Eun-Sook, and their alcoholic father. Because of his behavior, Eun-Sook’s mother removed her from the house, after which the father was run over a train. Thus, O’Brien ended up in an orphanage. An American family adopted her, but she never forgot her sister. Finding herself in the impossibility of tracking her, she began working at a hospital in Sarasota. It was there she met Meagan Hughes, who worked the same hours as her, was born in South Korea, had lived with her biological mother and was originally named Eun-Sook. A DNA test proved that the two sisters have been reunited by fate.

5. The Catholic Orphan

Our top 5 stories of lost people who resurfaced includes the life of Paddy Monaghan.

The last of the stories of lost people who resurfaced belongs to Paddy Monaghan. In the 1920-1950 period there was a time when about 130 young Northern Irish children were sent to Australia, as a result of an alliance between Australia and Britain. The purpose was to populate Australia with good white children, who were to be raised by Catholic churches. Such was the case of Paddy. The boy was left in the nuns’ care at only two weeks old, and journeyed to Australia when he reached ten years old. Paddy was raised as a good Catholic by the Sisters of Nazareth. However, these nuns lied to the young boy that his whole family had died and that he was an orphan. Paddy never believed them. Unfortunately, it took him 46 years to discover his family. By the time he found the letter his mother wrote to the nuns so many years ago, she was already dead. However, he did find other relatives who were more than happy to be reunited with him.

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