5 Things That Make Thanos Marvel’s Supervillan

If you’re not familiar with Marvel, here’s a recap on what you’ve been missing about one of their most famous villains, Thanos. He was created back in 1973 and since then has appeared in animated series, video games and even latest Marvel movies. He made a cameo appearance during the credit of “The Avengers” and appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Born on Saturn’s moon Titan, he became interested in nihilism and death and ends up murdering his own family for Mistress Death. Let’s have a look at 5 things that make Thanos Marvel’s supervillan.

5. He had daddy and mommy issues

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

You wouldn’t expect Thanos to grow up having a blissful childhood after his own mother attempted to kill him after giving birth to him, would you? Because of his looks and because he was feared by everyone, his family and the society he was born in shunned him as an outcast. At the same time, he was compelled to witness as his worthless brother, Eros, was being prepared to become Titan’s leader. As a consequence, he picked up some nasty habits on the way, including black magic, which was frowned upon by the Eternals.

4. Thanos the Brawler

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Thanos was privileged and enjoyed some amazing powers like teleportation, flight, the ability to project heat and radiation. In addition, he can control objects with his mind and travel through time and dimensions. This translates into being stronger than other super heroes like Thor and Hulk. As a consequence, he doesn’t shy away from resolving conflicts with his fists. To illustrate his strength and determination, we’ll just mention he nearly beat the Silver Surfer to death, who is a powerful creature, capable of surviving in a black hole.

3. He has more lives than a cat

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Over the years Thanos has experienced several deaths and has resurrected in mysterious ways. Among these, we remember the one time when he was turned to stone by the Warlock, followed by him reappearing as a ghost on the death of his nemesis, Captain Marvel. His next death involved Drax the Destroyer punching his beating heart out of him. But he plainly refused to stay dead and instead resurrected yet again, this time via a cocoon… only to be killed one more time by Drax with a bomb. It won’t come as a surprise that he survived this as well in the shape of a skeleton that later regenerated.

2. He’s not that good with kids

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Gamora was “adopted” by Thanos and raised by him since she was a baby. He altered her perception to make her believe he wasn’t evil which worked just fine until it didn’t. When Gamora finally realized what she was up against, she tried to kill her step father, but ended up dead at his hand. Thanos also fathered biological children across the universe. However, none of these survived since he had a knack for destroying the planets they inhabited. Thanos tried to kill one of his surviving sons, Thane, but the father ended up trapped in an amber cube, the “Living Death”.

1. Death smitten

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

What does that mean? Death in Marvel comics can appear under any shape. Death first appeared for the boy Thanos in the shape of a little girl and then as a woman, as he grew up. Under her spell, he agreed to kill half the population of the universe, but Death remained unimpressed by all his efforts to conquer her. Apparently, it was not enough for her to receive the deaths of thousands of people and to have a loyal follower in Thanos. Maybe he should try again with flowers and chocolate?

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