5 Tips To Ensure You’re Ready For Back To School [Infographic]

Back to school is in full swing and everyone is preparing for it. Parents are scouring the mall and and outlets to find good deals so they can get more for their dollar, and kids are ready to get back together with their friends. We came across this infographic created by our good friends over at High-Schools and thought it would be appropriate time to share with our readers. Some of the things featured in this infographics are pretty basic, such as getting enough sleep. However, you would be surprised to know that 85% of teens don’t get enough sleep.

As far as design goes, this infographic definitely has a visual appeal. It catches your eye and demands some attention. On the flip side, it does seem to be a bit weak when it comes to providing information. A bit more research and data would have definitely made this stand out among the rest that are floating on the web. Nevertheless, it is a good resource to have some of the data shown here are things I didn’t know about.

Here are a few interesting things to read before you dive into this fun infographic:

  1. The average family spends about $600 each school year per kid
  2. Bully prevention programs actually work and it has resulted in 50% less bullying
  3. The average cost of school meal is between $2.70 and $3.10
  4. You probably already knew this but 85% of teens don’t get enough sleep
  5. Two out of six kids who are bullied become bullies

Check out the infographic for more fun facts and tidbits after the jump.

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