5 Top Android Launchers for Your Smart Phone

One of the advantages of the top Android launchers is that many of their options can be changed by third party applications and solutions. One of those areas is the home screen and application launcher, the very first program that the customer sees when is using his intelligent phone. After the lock screen, naturally. You might have often observed new launchers, like Apex, Nova, Go and even Google‘s personal Google Now, but below are five more that you will not usually find out about in the specialized articles, unless they have a significant upgrade or launch date.

5. Themer by MyColorScreen

Themer by MyColorScreen

Some individuals like to modify the hell out of their gadgets and they would probably really like what Themer can realize for them. Compared with other launchers, with set roles for some components, Themer allows you to position, navigate, alter and do whatever you like with alarm clocks, symbols, written text and whatnot. This helps a lot for a totally personalized home screen. But more than its capabilities themselves, what makes the Themer quite revolutionary are the thousands of styles available for it and the group of users that has appeared suddenly around them.

Beyond the styles that are in MyColorScreen’s formal collection, there are similarly intricate ones traveling around in the online world, being distributed by phone lovers and customers discussing the same preferences and passions and that are quickly installable on any system with a computer file administrator app. One disadvantage of all that versatility and independence, however, is that not all themes might perform as are promoted. Great advantage that Themer does not charge a penny for them.

4. ZEN Launcher

ZEN Launcher

Going to another side of the Android launchers, we discover the ZEN Launcher. Basic, immediate, no extras, no rubbish, ZEN Launcher has only enough to let you use your intelligent phone without functions getting in your way. Appears to be boring? Maybe yes. But one aspect you will not complain about the ZEN Launcher is its speed rate and size. This launcher’s element of popularity is its dimension, which is just under 1 MB, more or less, this making it the lightest and most portable among all Android operating system launchers in the marketplace, while staying very efficient.

That said, a few new functions were included to the launcher since it was first released, like intelligent app recommendations and, somewhat exclusively, pointers about your wellness. This launcher really helps to advertise zen, both for your modern phone and for your whole body. The ZEN Launcher is also friendly with your wallet, charging nothing and concealing no IAPs.


3. WP Launcher, the Previous Launcher 8

WP Launcher

Blasphemy? You must not be surprised that, even within the Android trustworthy crowd, there would be some who discovers some stuff to be liked among the Windows items. Just look for “windows phone” or “windows 8” in its Google Play Store to verify this for yourself. In the ocean of poor replicas available on Android OS, WP Launcher is, probably, the most efficient and dependable one among the lot. You have tiles and, whenever it is possible, even some Live Tiles. It even has visibility for tiles even before the Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile introduces it formally on the market.

You can pin the widgets at some level, though you can suppose the tile forms might not perform well with some of the widgets. Plus, the ones with scrolling details do not work so well with your launcher’s own actions. WP Launcher, however, gets over simple duplicates, allowing customers to modify their display beyond anything that the older Windows Phone, or even the most recent Windows 10, can permit. WP Launcher comes in a 100 % free taste for anyone and a paid Pro option, though the latter is lagging behind a bit on regular up-dates.

2. Z Launcher by Nokia

Z Launcher by Nokia

Alright, this launcher created some rumor in the press, but the concept of Nokia, the aspect not possessed by those from Microsoft, creating an Android OS launcher still seems so uncommon that it should be discussed. It is a good thing that the launcher is actually useful as well. Compared with most launchers, Z Launcher does not provide you a line of symbols to use. Instead, you see a somewhat fresh display with a time and a list of your most used applications, changing your utilization actions and the perspective.

Yes, there is a factor of study there. But the Z Launcher’s unique technique is that it allows you to scribble on the display right then and there to look for the app or even connections, with all the results organized according to regularity of use and not just a simple alphabetical order. The users can keep on writing to filter down the search results even further. Nokia lately included the capability to add also Android widgets, this innovation placing the Z Launcher on par with the other applications. While Z Launcher is a free launcher, it is still in tryouts and its submission is quite restricted. Getting into a beta version, however, is not hard and it is also totally free.

1. b2gdroid, or Firefox OS on Android


This launcher is another surprising shock and also new and fresh. Maybe it is really too new. b2gdroid is a research to get the Firefox OS to Android customers without demanding them to flash and multiboot their gadgets. The result? A great and rather uncommon launcher for Android OS. b2gdroid wants to let you experience what it would be like to have Firefox OS, beginning from this launcher. But more than only that, it also delivers some of the Firefox OS web applications into your cell phone like a Texting app, a Schedule, etc. Without officially setting up them on your smart phone, of course.

This is a very intelligent move by Mozilla designers to let customers get taste of what web apps, released like mobile applications, can really do. There is also the concentration on search, of course, considering that Mozilla is a web browser company. The catch? It is so new that it operates rather gradually and has incidents quite often, damaging the impression that the launcher is looking to offer to its users.

There are many, if not thousands, of Android OS launchers out there to look for, whether on Google Play Store or elsewhere you want. While you need not to modify what you are already used to, it can sometimes be smart to walk about a bit to see what is available at the moment. Who knows? With so many options available, you could see one that seems created with your necessities in the developer’s mind.

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