5 Unusual Cocktails to Try

We recently presented to you a list of the world’s strangest coffees which you should try at least once, at least if you’re the kind of person adventurous enough about these things. We certainly are; heck, trying out new and perhaps unusual things is definitely something fun and worth doing. At least if we’re not talking about highly exotic things like fried bugs and such, where a certain degree of reluctance is by all means understandable (and perhaps healthy). Well, today we’re moving on to cocktails – the spirit of summer is here and everything smells of vacation, so now would be the perfect time to talk about summery drinks. Here’s a list of 5 unusual cocktails which may be unfamiliar to you but which could be worth trying.

1. Gunpowder plot


“Remember, remember the 5th of November…” The famous Gunpowder plot instrumented by Guy Fawkes served as inspiration for many things, among which the V for Vendetta movie and now also a cocktail. This smoky (literally, as you can see) concoction really deserved the opening spot within the list of unusual cocktails. It was created by Grant Collins, a creative bartender from Sydney, Australia, and its main flavor is the gunpowder blend of green tea. But that’s not what makes the drink so intriguing and special, the jaw-dropping component is definitely the smoke tucked in the foam on top. The cocktail contains gin infused with gunpowder, spicy gunpowder syrup and some herbal bitters, while the top comes adorned with smoke-infused froth, and the drink itself is served amidst a pile of twigs and oak-scented fog. Pretty special, right?

2. Camel milk cocktail


Abu Dhabi is known as a place of luxury, and now its catering-to-any-need-possible approach was enriched with a special non-alcoholic milk cocktail specially designed for Muslims observing Ramadan. But what makes this drink worthy of making it to a list of unusual cocktails is the fact that it’s based on camel milk instead of cow’s milk. Apparently, camel milk is more nutritious and high in protein and iron than its cow counterpart, and then of course there’s also the exotic and novelty element added to the bunch. A whole range of camel milk cocktails can be found at Mijana, the Arabic restaurant of the Carl-Ritz hotel in Abu Dhabi.

3. Earl Grey Caviar Martini

If you ever pass through Hong Kong and you have a penchant for unusual cocktails, make sure you pass by the Quinary Cocktail Bar and order this one. The drink is infused with caviar molecules that impart great flavor to the whole liquid, and it’s topped with an Earl Grey infused foam. The airy texture of the whole thing is amazing, connoisseurs say.

4. Es Pokat (Indonesian Avocado and Chocolate Shake)

This is another non-alcoholic cocktail – more similar to a smoothie actually, at least in consistency, which can be sampled directly in Indonesia, or can easily be made at home. But what makes this drink pretty unusual is its high content of avocado pulp – it’s basically blended avocado and ripe sugar, with only a bit of condensed milk and chocolate syrup on top. Its taste may be very strange to our Western tastes, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it pretty addictive. It’s exotic, obviously very healthy, and surprisingly refreshing for how rich it is. Cool off this summer with an unusual drink and make it for all your friends – they’ll definitely be impressed!

5. The Sourtoe cocktail


On our list of unusual cocktails, we saved the best for last. Or should we say perhaps that we saved the most freaky and WTF cocktail for last? Anyway, ladies and gents, behold: the Sourtoe cocktail served by the Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City; this cocktail can be any drink, but it must always contain a real preserved amputated toe dropped into the glass. No one really knows the origin of this – some may say – incredibly gross drink, but it first appeared around 1973 it seems. There’s only one rule about the drink: “you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but the lips have to touch the toe”. Very encouraging, right?

Well, that was our list of unusual cocktails, at least for now. We’re sorry if the last one kind of ruined your appetite for summer drinks, but we really do encourage you to try out the other ones. Have fun on vacation wherever you decide to go, and sample some local drinks!

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