5 Unusual Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Complaining about one’s job seems to be everyone favorite activity, at least if you look mainly at socializing networks and the status updates posted there. If people aren’t complaining about their work or their bosses, they’re complaining about how much they hate Mondays. We previously published a story about a few horrible jobs to have, in the hopes to make everyone appreciate what they have. We also wanted people to realize there’s no reason to whine so much. Today we will follow up witha story about some of the most unusual jobs out there. These are the jobs that you probably never even knew existed. We’re not saying they’re either good or bad. We’ll let you be the judge of that instead.

5 Unusual Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Human Statue

If you think we’re referring to those painted up performers at fairs and whatnot which stand in the street as still as possible waiting for people to give them some money or interact with them in some way, you’re wrong. Being a human statue is way weirder than that. It truly deserves to have the entry position in a top of the most unusual jobs out there. Basically, it consists of spending your time in the window of a high-end clothing store dressed up with their clothes. You know, just like a mannequin. Except, they prefer using a live one. The pay is around $100 an hour and it would definitely give you the funniest stories to tell at social gatherings for the rest of your days.

Odor Judge

Perhaps you’re not aware of this, but there are actually body odor competitions being organized. The winner is the one with the most “natural” armpit smell. Needless to say, there’s an odor judge who sniffs out all the competitors in order to deem a rank to each one. The job usually pertains to a female odor judge. If this isn’t the most unusual job you could ever think of, we don’t know what is.

Body Part Models

You know those images from watch catalogues or nail polish commercials or shoe advertisements where you can’t fully see the person modeling them but only the hands or feet, depending on the product marketed? Well, imagine that the people featured there are actually body part models! That means that they get hired for only one part of their body which is particularly attractive. It probably makes for some pretty weird and Frankenstein-like business cards.

Paid Internet Commenter

This is an official position which is offered to some people seeking employment in China. Apparently the government there is paying people to comment all over the internet and to cast a positive light on the ruling Communist Party. These paid commenters are tasked with penetrating all the popular layers of the web community: chat rooms, news forums, bulletin board systems and so on. These people are called “wumao”.

Professional Cuddler

To finish the list of 5 most unusual jobs you could ever imagine, why not bring up one which awkwardly blurs the limits of what we call privacy and intimacy in a novel way? The job is that of a professional cuddler. It seems to be popular in Japan right now. The “hikikomori” (“crippling loneliness”) that plagues much of Japan’s society today apparently found some relief with these cosy cafes where one can go cuddle with a stranger and maybe even sleep next to them. The people reporting this for CNN swore that cuddling is really all that happens.

Ok, so maybe some of them aren’t horrible. Maybe one or two could even be appealing if you’re open minded enough, but you’ll probably admit that these were some of the most unusual jobs you ever heard of. We’re wondering how exactly these employees first break the news to their families about what they do for a living. Not that we’re judging such brave souls.

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