5 Women Portrayed in Famous Songs We’d Like To Say a Few Words To

When it comes to music industry, great artists and performers, bands that are older and more established than time itself, it is hard not to find in their history as musicians at least one song about a particular girl or woman who either broke their hearts, is about to break their hearts or at least messed up with their lives completely. From the old and golden days of rock, to the modern pop music and post – modern trends in music, it was not only men who sang about some very special ladies featuring very special character traits or behaviors, but women too. Search all you want, look into archives, and see for yourself that there are at least a few women portrayed in famous songs that deserve a bit of attention, if not to find out who they are, at least to give them a piece of our mind.

So given the fact I personally love music and I can’t type a damn word without some tune pleasantly enveloping my brain, I decided that it was about time to look a bit deeper into the matters and browse some of my favorite lady – inspired songs and have the ladies hear my thoughts on them.

1. Michael Jackson’s (Dirty) Diana

Now Michael had some interesting relationships with women, both in his personal life and throughout his music. While he swore that Billie Jean’s baby wasn’t his, the boy had his eyes, so Billie Jean is off the hook for now, as who knows what they actually did on that dancing floor? But Dirty Diana? Lady, you are a shame to the female kind, stalking the superstar like that, scheming and plotting and making his official girl have a heart break (and attack, probably). You are one of the worst women portrayed in famous songs and if I wouldn’t be a dedicated Jackson fan until my last breath, I would skip this one every time it reaches my playlist.

2. Therapy’s Diane

Run, for God’s sake! The psycho has a knife and he kinda promises some rape and murder is almost granted in his sick mind. So Diane, dear, you made a famous song famous just because you are about to die every two lyrics. You’re young, you’re cute, seriously, does your mother know you’re dating murderous perverts?

3. Eric Clapton’s Layla

Now you lady have some serious issues! And again, you shame the female kind with your games, bringing a man down to his knees to beg like that, to make a fool of himself, to be on the verge? Who taught you that, young lady? After all, you’ve kinda been dumped (no, I don’t believe Eric saying you got let down – your old man dumped your sorry pompous personality) and come on, woman, Eric Clapton! And you are the ones complaining men aren’t emotionally available, are twisted, confused, driven by ego and moody! You must be one of the most emotionally challenged women portrayed in famous songs! Shhiiish…

4. Dolly Parton’s Jolene

Jolene dear, I understand that you are a gorgeous woman, you have the features of a goddess and you are probably more of a woman than any other women out there, but don’t take Dolly’s man, for cryin out loud, she’s whining about it until time ends and if she had an ounce of brain she would end elegantly her unhappy relationship, as it is obviously her man is no longer with her in spirit (and I believe in body, either), and get a life for herself, far away from the guy who can’t make up his mind already. But both Dolly and her man seem incapable to take mature decisions, so Jolene, dear, find yourself another home to wreck, this one is just not worth it.

5. Rolling Stone’s Angie

Woman, what happened there? You were doing so fine! And you seem to be the victim here, despite your beauty, your bright spirit and your deep soul. Apparently despite all your efforts to keep the bum close to you, as he thinks it is time to say goodbye. Did he ask you first? Was it a mutual conclusion? Can’t this falling apart be solved somehow? Don’t you just stand there, do something about it! On the other hand, if you stay together he’d probably never get to sing this song so…. my heart is confused…

I have others, don’t fret about it, but these were my first choices of women portrayed in famous songs that I needed to have a chat with. Feel free to add your own ladies to the list!

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