5 WWE Championship Belts

Wrestling is a grand spectacle of testosterone and showmanship. A combination between its traditional competitive roots and the dramatic performances of highly trained stuntmen.

The risk of injury isn’t negligible either. Especially when we’re talking heavyweight wrestling and you have big muscled behemoths lunging at each other and throwing each other and various objects all over the place.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the former World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWFE). Which in turn was the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Which initially was Titan Sports, founded in 1979. So, a long history in wrestling.

And it is currently the biggest professional wrestling promotion company in the world. By far. Because after its acquisition of WCW and ECW, no competitors could possibly face the combined might (and economic returns) of the viewers of these three companies.

So. How do you honor the champions of the biggest show-fighting entity in the world?

Why by giving them big showy belts fit for their status, of course. And WWE belts really are fit for the job.

They’re so iconic that every kid that watches wrestling dreams of owning one as he lands on the bed in mortal struggle with his imagined adversary, or possibly real-life friend who is just as enthusiastic about wrestling.

WWE championship belts are so iconic that you can even find WWE replica belts, of which numerous offers have sprung up to accommodate the passions of die-hard fans.

In this article you’ll see 5 such iconic WWE Championship belts. Let the show(ing) begin.

1. WWF Hardcore Championship Belt

WWE Championship belts - The Hardcore Championship Belt


Made mostly of leather, this belt looked just as the (at the time WWF) Championship it represented: hardcore and rough. In case it wasn’t clear how hardcore this belt and the champion of the series itself was, it had HARDCORE written bigg all over it, but skewed so you knew you were dealing with someone who’s anger/calm ratio wasn’t exactly “balanced”. Get it?

2. Old WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt

One of the most iconic WWE Championship belts is the Old WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt pictured here.

Among WWE championship belts, this one stands out for its story and meaning. Because in the 1980-1990 period, whichever wrestler got it was automatically classified as a hard working one, bound for achieving further greatness. In fact it was even nicknamed the “workhorse title”.

3. Attitude Era WWE Championship Belt

The list of famous WWE Championship belts includes the WWE Attitude Era Championship Belt.

The Attitude Era was WWF’s transition to the violent, shocking, provocative entertainment that peaked the interest of many more people to watch wrestling than eve before, and peaked the company’s ratings as well, in the neck to neck rating war (Monday Night Wars) it was having with then rival WCW.

As such, the championship belt had to represent this desire for dominance as well. Which it does, by combining leather, gold and a suggestive eagle encompassing the world with its wings. Oh, and don’t forget the WWF Attitude logo smacked right on top of it.

Of all the WWE championship belts, it is probably the most balanced and thought of.

4. Old WWE Championship Belt

WWE Championship belts - The Old WWE Championship Belt.

This one stands out because of the nostalgia it invariably brings to older wrestling fans. Because it is associated with the golden days of classic wrestling fun represented by big names, now legends, like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, etc.

It acknowledged the champion of one of the longest running WWE series (mid 1980s – late 1990s) and is probably the champion of WWE championship belts in the hearts of fans.

Its symmetric, clean design is iconic too, with the upwards pointing wings of the eagle as a dominant line tempered by the circle in the middle and the horizontal line of the leather belt and the side plates.

5. WWE Undisputed Championship Belt

Possibly the most important of the WWE Championship belts, the Undisputed Champion belt is portrayed here.

As the Old WWE championship belt is the champion in the hearts of older fans, this WWE championship belt should be the champion of all WWE championship belts. Period.

Just like what it stood for between 2002 – 2005: the undisputed champion of all wrestlers.

Solid gold on black leather, with size slowly growing from the side plates to the center-piece, it sure is a thing to look at.

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