6 Greatest Star Wars Spaceships from All Movies

It’s clear that when Star Wars was created as a concept, one of the main focuses of the team taking care of the visuals was to put out some of the coolest-looking things that time has ever seen. Many of the spaceships, speeders, and fleets featured throughout the franchise (including the unfortunate prequels) often chose to trade practicality in favor of an appearance that left a big impact on the audiences. We have Star Wars spaceships that have absolutely no aerodynamic function to them, some that are impossibly huge, and equally impossible to maneuver.

Star Wars Spaceships


But, you know what? That doesn’t matter. After the experience with the midi-chlorians, we’ve learned that it’s much better to leave some things without an explanation. The important thing is that these Star Wars spaceships are really awesome.

#1 Millennium Falcon

Above the fact that it’s become a trademark among all of the other Star Wars spaceships, the Millennium Falcon is such a good match for Han Solo that we can’t help but think that it was made specifically for him. Even though it might be a bit frustrating when it refuses to properly work when it’s needed most, the fact that it stubbornly survived all of the adventures our favorite gang put it through is proof enough that it’s a lasting spaceship.

#2 Death Stars

Speaking of iconic Star Wars spaceships, there’s just a particular kind of creativity in a spaceship that’s the size of a moon and is properly capable of blowing up entire planets. Even though it moves pretty slowly and it was only featured once throughout the movies, it certainly left a lasting impact on the movie goers. Honestly, wouldn’t you flee in terror if you saw one of these dangerously loom over your planet?

#3 X-Wings

There are some entries on this list that might be a bit questionable as far as proper practicality goes, but the X-Wings aren’t about that life. They are likely the result of George Lucas’ personal fascination with old-school jet designs and aerial battles. As a result, they are incredibly deadly when getting upclose and personal with them (curtsy of their lasers) and sufficiently helpful when you’re in need of a means of transportation across the galaxy.

#4 Slave 1

Just like one of its most frequent pilots, Boba Fett, Slave 1 didn’t require a lot of screen time and explosive (pun intended) appearances in order to become a memorable. It captured our attention with the quirky and unique exterior design and even more so with its impressive weaponry at its disposal. Also, it’s safe to say it was one of the few saving graces of the prequels.

#5 Super Star Destroyers

We’re setting aside the fact that this name sounds like it was given by a middle-schooler who just wanted to pick out a really edgy MySpace name back in 2006. But, we need to admit, the superlative isn’t lying. These huge Star Wars spaceships are the perfect reflection of the Empire’s attempts to intimidate the others into submission by simply inducing first-glance dread.

#6 TIE Fighter

Whenever we saw one of these little friendly spaceships, we knew that something dreadful was about to follow. The design undoubtedly stuck to our retinas, something that was aided by the fact that swarms continue to flock to the big screen throughout the whole trilogy. Plus, let’s be honest, do these things look like anything a good guy would pilot?

BONUS: Jedi Starfighter

Since we brought up saving graces for the prequels, we can’t go on without adding the Jedi Starfighters featured in Revenge of the Sith’s thrilling opening sequence. Speedy, awesomely designed, and dangerous, we’re pretty sure that they stuck with us because they’re really cool vehicles. But also because they gave us some thrills at the end of a trilogy that doomed itself from the beginning.

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