6 Movie Plots Spoiled by Their Merchandise

Nowadays it has become more difficult to avoid spoilers from new highly awaited movies. Producing studios have to be extremely careful with the footage and trailers they release, as well as the photographs taken on filming sets. However, in their greed for making profit, they forget to check thoroughly the merchandise they send to stores to promote their new motion pictures. Thus, many action figures or scene sets have spoiled important moments from movies or even the secret identities of characters. There are several movie plots spoiled by their merchandise, and we have put together the most important ones.

1. Cloverfield

The monster from Cloverfield turned out to be not so surprising.

Even though this movie was supposed to keep a secret out of the creature that attacks New York City, the marketing department could not think further than the profit and released early on an action figure of the monster. Thus much part of the motion picture was spoiled, and the interest of the would be viewers dwindled.

2. Captain America: Civil War

Since the next movie has not come out yet, we must warn you that our following entry contains a spoiler.

One of the newest movie plots spoiled by their merchandise is the one of Captain America: Civil War.

The play set for the next Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War has already been released. We can say that this belongs among the movie plots spoiled by their merchandise because it also includes a representation of Giant Man with the other heroes that are set to appear. Since no footage of photos of Giant Man have been released, we can assume this is an early proof that he is included in the motion picture.

3. Dick Tracy

Those who bought The Blank action figure discovered early on his identity.

The name of this 1990 movie came from the protagonist’s watch that had the amazing ability of making phone calls. One of the characters in this story also had a special feature: he had no face. The Blank was a typical gangster-looking persona whose identity is revealed at the end of the motion picture. However, the toy line hit the shelves of stores earlier than the release date of the movie. As a result, anyone who bought the action figure of The Blank could easily take off his mask and discover Breathless Mahoney, the character played by Madonna.

4. Shrek the Third

Shrek's kids were long displayed before the movie hit cinemas.

Next on our top movie plots spoiled by their merchandise is the third movie in the Shrek series. After marrying Fiona, Shrek has three babies that were featured in the trailers, but also in the newly released merchandise. Even though it cannot be considered a major spoiler, it would have been a nice touch to witness the news during the movie. Well, at least Shrek was more surprised than us viewers.

5. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is among the movie plots spoiled by their merchandise.

Usually, people who buy merchandise from various franchises are huge fans. The fans of the G.I. Joe series who bought The Doctor action figure before seeing the movie must have been pretty upset. Not only did the package include a thorough description and history of the character, but even the name of the toy was Rex “The Doctor” Lewis, thus spoiling the identity of the character: Rex Lewis, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

6. Toy Story 3

Lego spoiled a major scene from Toy Story 3.

Last but not least, the first place on the movie plots spoiled by their merchandise belongs to Toy Story 3. Right near the end of the movie, the toys including Woody and Buzz are stuck on the conveyor belt that takes them to a slow and sure death in the incinerator. The emotional scene shows the toys acknowledging the fact that they will die, but in the last moment they are rescued by an alien claw machine. It could have been the climactic moment if Lego would not have released the whole rescue set before the release of the movie.

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