6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria You think at least your house is clean? It may look that way if you are among the diligent ones, but there’s no escaping the hungry bacteria! Here are some of the dirtiest yet obviously disgusting things in our homes! There’s no such thing as absolute cleanliness, but wait and see just how dirty things really are! Apart from the obvious doorknobs, or light switchers that we seldom disinfect, here are 6 places in your house just filled with bacteria.

# 1. Your kitchen and everything in it

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria1

Contrary to popular opinion, the kitchen may actually be the dirtiest place in the house.

The kitchen sink – typically has about 500,000 bacteria per square inch in the drain alone, so you can only imagine the total bacteria that add up if you consider faucets and all. A kitchen sink is actually dirtier than your toilet post-flush. As in the part where the water comes out, it is filled with black grunge. You wash your hands, your teeth and your food with water coming from dirty faucets. Yuck!

Let’s not forget about dishtowels and sponges that are especially problematic, because they hold moisture and we tend to use them for multiple tasks. Apparently an easy remedy for this is to microwave the sponge for 60 seconds. A kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, and a dishcloth is 20,000 times dirtier.

The fridge handle is a special home for various bacteria, if you think of the multitude of things one can touch before using the fridge handle, things such as raw meet, dairy, the toilet…

The cutting board is an endless source of bacteria. Raw meat apparently carries a very high level of fecal bacteria. Maybe it’s better to cut the vegetables on the floor?

There’s a land of all prospects above the kitchen cabinets, as someone seldom cleans them up there. It’s so hard to do that all the time!

# 2. Let’s not ignore the obvious bathroom

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria2

Apparently public restrooms have about 2 million bacteria per square inch, while the average toilet seat has only 50 per square inch.

The bathtub is also a horribly dirty place, as any standing water that lingers after a shower or bath breeds mold, fungi, and staph bacteria.

The toothbrush is as dirty as poop, because whenever you flush your toilet the germs can travel up to 6 feet and linger for up to 2 hours. A lot of them end up on toothbrushes. Moreover the toothbrush holder offers strong competition- reportedly, 27% of toothbrush holders involved in a recent test had coliform bacteria and 14% had Staph. inside their toothbrush holder.

# 3. The fluffy bedroom

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria3

The bed mattress is the perfect home for all sorts of micro-organisms, but the shocking thing about this is the fact that after 10 years an average mattress will nearly double its weight because of the number of dust mites and dust mite poop that it has collected. Yuck!

Well pillows hold standards high as well, with dead skins cells, dust mites, fungal spores, pollens and other body secretions.

# 4. Gadgets and remote controls

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria4

Our mobile devices can have 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. And they are in touch with our face all the time. I wonder where all the acne outbreaks might be coming from…

Well, remote controls have been the victim of all sorts of traces of food from dirty fingers, or sheer spilling accidents so there’s nothing clean about those, either. Keyboards belong to the same category as well.

# 5. Your pet’s eating bowl

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria5

The inside rim alone contains 2,110 bacteria per square inch. You should wash you pet’s food bowl every day, because it’s a source of disease for your companion.

# 6. Ice cubes

6 Places in Your House just Filled with Bacteria6

Ice machines are filled with bacteria. According to a recent study made on fast foods, they found that ice cubes were dirtier than the water inside a toilet. So take care with that, too.

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