6 Smartphone Problems that We All Hate

Here then, for your personal anger, are some smartphone problems which are encountered in many mobile devices that humankind still has to deal with, as if we just created them yesterday. Do not take it lightly though, some of the issues listed below can ruin a perfect day, especiqally when you are trying to take the best picture or send an important message to an important person.

1. The Display Auto Rotates When it Should Not

auto rotates smartphone problems

Some elements look better when a phone is organized in portrait mode. Other elements look better when the phone is kept in landscape mode. This is the regular and even healthier mode, except for video clips. If you capture a film in portrait mode, then you will have a problem

Going between these modes is simple enough; the receptors in every phone identify spinning quite accurately. But if you are not rotating the gadget deliberately, like if you are putting it down on its back or trying to read the screen while in bed, you are generally good to go. There are methods to lock your screen in just one of its drop-down or configurations, but then you would have to turn the phone off once you are done. It is simpler just to sit up.

And there is another problem which happens sometimes. We are trying to look at an image that is rotated at 90 degrees from how it should be, as if the device does not know which part is down. Moving the phone, like some might do, just causes it to modify its alignment exactly when you do not want it to do so.


2. The Volume Control Adjusts to the Incorrect Level

Volume Control

Our mobile phones can reproduce plenty of sounds thanks to all the PC parts that they have, and the sounds have their own levels of volume. There is a volume for primary phone noises, one for notifications, one for alarm systems and another one for films or songs.

And yet, the phone has only one volume control to perform these individual resources (again, without going too deep into it). It is changing according to the context and will modify the volume of the sound you are playing, which is the correct for 95 % of situations.

But in a few strange cases, it is obvious you want to modify a different audio entirely. Just like when you want to look at video clips or plan games on the smart phone without making noise, pushing the volume key before the device makes sounds, does not modify the video or game volume – but it just adjusts its ringer.

3. Autocorrect Option Fails


There are two big issues with autocorrect. One is that it still creates plenty of errors. The web is loaded with examples of users who have had even major problems because a word was not spelled correctly and the receiver got a very different message

But the second issue goes further than that. Autocorrect options have made many people sluggish. Because they take care of many errors that we make, we have not developed the skills we need to write a message from zero. Our increasing dependency on autocorrect is affecting our grammar and capability to spell correctly the words.

4. Mobile Web Sites

Mobile Web Sites

With few exceptions, the modern websites are completely navigable on a mobile phone. Even the smallest of user interface components can be utilized by easily zooming in a little closer, a move which every smart phone manages with no problem. The user interface of many websites can be facilitated for mobile phones to use them.

But that is worth doing if it does not affect whatever it is the page is good at .It is typical to see websites make an attempt to speed up by introducing mobile customers with an absolutely different website with a completely different user interface, and considerably reducing the pages’ speed.

5. The Screen Keeps Switching Off

Screen Keeps Switching Off

We cannot keep our displays on all time, which indicates that they turn off after a few minutes of inactivity. This period restriction is personalized by the customer, and it is always the incorrect time frame. No matter how you plan it, your smart phone display will either be on for much too long once you are done utilizing it. Or, it will close off after not using it for a couple of minutes, making to turn it on again, a complex activity demanding at least some dexterity.

As a reaction to this, some smart phone producers have designed face receptors to identify when we quit looking at the display, and only then it is turned off. Obviously, it is unjust and unreasonable to require our mobile phones to have mind-reading skills. Next time when you look at your smartphone screen just observe it for a longer time and you might find out that your dear gadget is looking back at you.

6. Battery Power Life

Battery Power

How many of you have modified your public lifestyle in accordance with the present battery life of your phone? We have definitely played at work with the mobile phone and the battery charger or taken more time to give the battery charger more time to power. And we are not alone.

Humans are starting to have actual stresses around not having a performing phone. It is known as nomophobia, and it is a fitting name for something so foolish. These gadgets are expected to create a simpler and better life, and yet here we are, truly making them an obsession for us.

What is even more problematic is that these low quality battery powers are showing to producers and dealers just how much people are willing to put up with. By telling ourselves that we are willing to live our life around our phone battery, we have basically all decided to put on a twelve-hour bubble. Smart phones are great gadgets, maybe even have a sentimental value for many. But how long will it be before we get even further in our quest for the perfect smart phone?

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