6 Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The local shopping mall is where most of us go to buy pointless stuff we don´t really want, to eat burgers and – hey – to look cool [citation needed]

However, if you go to any of the planet’s strange and amazing shopping malls you might come across more than you bargained for. Or less. 

New South China Mall, China

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The biggest shopping mall on the planet in terms of size is also one of the emptiest. Bizarrely, rather than being a once thriving shopping center that has fallen on hard times, this place has been virtually empty since it was built. There is room for well over 2,000 stores in the New South China Mall in Dongguan but 99% of the store space is empty.

Dubai Mall, UAE

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

If we are going to get all boring and technical then the Dubai Mall is bigger than the New South China Mall in terms of size but smaller in terms of gross leasable area. This means that it is another contender for the title of biggest shopping mall in the world. However, this one is thriving and it is one of the most visited places on the planet, with over 65 million visitors each year. It includes an aquarium, an underwater zoo, a game park dedicated to an elderly hedgehog and an ice rink. It also holds the title of being home to the world’s largest acrylic panel, which is possibly the single most boring sounding world record ever.         

Rolling Acres Mall, USA

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

The city of Akron in Ohio is where you will find this eerie, abandoned shopping mall. It is just one of many abandoned shopping malls across the USA. From a place where the good people of Ohio would mingle and purchase vital stuff it now looks like the ideal place for zombies to lurk or for a master criminal to set up their lair. 

West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

Once the biggest shopping mall in the world, the rise of Asian supermalls has relegated West Edmonton Mall to a humble 5th place. The good news for proud Canadians and thrill seeking water lovers is that you will find the world´s biggest wave pool here. You will also find sea lions, golf and lots of ice among the attractions.

Montgomery Mall, USA

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

We need to head to Alabama for our next strange shopping mall. In the case of Montgomery Mall, this is a, err, mall in Montgomery. It was opened in 1970 and closed in 2008, possibly due to having the least original name since the Allman Brothers sat around and said, “So, what will we call this band then?” Now it just looks as though all the shoppers ran out at the same time, leaving it eerily deserted. Apparently it will possibly become a fire station and a library in the future.

New World Mall, Thailand

Strange and Amazing Shopping Malls Around the World

This abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok caused a bit of an internet stir last year. This strange shopping mall has an ever stranger history. It was partially destroyed when the local authorities discovered that it had been built illegally. Without a roof the place got flooded and the locals did what any sensible dudes would do and filled it with fish, to kill off the mosquitoes breeding there. Sadly, the water is now getting drained and the fish are getting re-located to somewhere less surreal by someone who is way too sensible.

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