6 Things That Used To Be Cool

You know that feeling from back when you were a kid and you’d come up with a brilliant idea but then some would suggest you do exactly that thing and you didn’t want to do it anymore? I remember it vividly because it happened yesterday and the day before that. In the same vein, now, as a fully grown, emancipated adult (chuckles) you don’t feel like wearing or doing something that has been tainted in a stupid way by someone you don’t like. Let’s take a look at 6 things that used to be cool but were ruined by people overusing them or going all wrong about it. Then let’s make a common effort to revive them for old time’s sake.

1. Felt hats

Things That Used To Be Cool

Aka fedoras. Ok, you’ve been watching “Boardwalk Empire” and you sympathize with Nucky the gangster, but you wanna be like Jimmy and you secretly hate Van Alden. But what do all of them have in common? Fedoras! That sounds like a cool idea, you could pull it off with a sequin dress or with a ripped tshirt. But it’s not a cool idea unless you can rock the attitude. Otherwise, please put it back on the shelf.

2. Body sprays

Things That Used To Be Cool

We all had this guy in our class or we all knew this friend of a friend of a friend who really liked using body spay. More specifically, Axe body spray. And not in moderation. Don’t rush to conclusions here. We’re not advocating for you to ditch your deodorants. You can keep all 17 of them. But you should learn the difference between using them for what they were intended to be used, and using them for their scent. As long as you stick to the normal amount, you should be fine and you won’t have any problems getting a date for you upcoming prom.

3. Vape pens

Things That Used To Be Cool

So you’re minding your own business on the bus going to work and this guy next to you starts smoking… a pen! First of all, even if they don’t give off real smoke, that doesn’t entitle you to “light up” and be all smug about it in a means of public transportation. We get it, you’re trying to shake off a bad habit, but we don’t want to hear all about vaping at each dinner party.

4. Guitar rattling

Things That Used To Be Cool

Remember that fun bonfire a couple years ago, on the beach, with that nice guy playing guitar and everyone just having a blast? Fast forward to present time, when everyone thinks they can play guitar and they drag it along at every party, forcing people to hum along. Here are a few pearls of wisdom you could try next time you want to sing for your friends. Ask yourself if you can actually play well and if someone specifically required you to bring your guitar. If the answer is “no” to at least one of the two, you might want to reconsider your performance before you run out of friends.

5. Nerd culture

Things That Used To Be Cool

“Thanks” to Marvel who keeps releasing superhero movie after superhero movie, the nerd culture has been soaring in the last few years. That translates into ladies wearing large rimmed eye glasses and tshirts with “i love geeks” and gentlemen wearing large rimmed eye glasses and tshirts with Star Wars. Comic books are not for every one, but it’s becoming cooler to pretend you know everything about Thanos, than admitting you have no idea that he was a badass.

6. The Chaplin ‘stache

Things That Used To Be Cool

Aka the toothbrush mustache. Aka please don’t make us look at that atrocious thing. We won’t deny Charlie Chaplin rocked it to the moon and back. But it’s been forever tainted when Hitler decided it suited him. Our recommendation? Stay away from it and keep it simple. A second day beard is infinitely sexier than something that immediately makes you think about the Holocaust.

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