69 year-old granny is rocking as a DJ

drgranny2 The 69 years-old granny, Ruth Flowers, is not like any other granny. She is a famous DJ in both festivals and nightclubs in France, especially in Paris and Cannes, and is definitely the center of the party with her shiny and cool outfit.

granny-live-dj granny-dj-in-studio

Ruth thinks that being different appeals to younger people, and that’s why she is liked all over France. When people ask her if she has any retire plans coming up, she answers with a smile: “Why retire? If you got the energy, and the enthusiasm, and the love of music, why stop? As long as I can keep going, I will.” Beside her gigs Ruth is working at the studio on a single that is going to be released during this spring.

granny-ruth-dj granny-djing dj-granny-support dj-granny-mix djgranny

Ruth is not the only one that shows the world how age is no barrier; these guys are almost 100 years old but still competing at athletics.


  1. I am INSPIRED! Thank u for giving me the courage to press on even though I’m in my 30’s and the industry says “you can’t do music anymore”! I am putting a poster of you on my wall! ROCK ON!

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