7 Excellent Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

Whether guinea pigs or chinchillas, fish or birds, cats or dogs, every pet owner shares in one simple feeling: love for their pet. And it is precisely this love that drives them to all the gestures they do for their beloved companion: birthday cakes with bones and doggy treats, climbing equipment, new cozy homes and other endless gifts meant to bring more happiness into the lives of those beings you care for most. A while back we shared a post with 15 Cats with Adorable Markingsand we decided to also share a post with the best gift ideas for cat owners. Most of them are simple tokens, while others are extremely practical presents. We hope you will enjoy them. Here are some clever gift ideas for the cat owners you may know:

1. Cat Pendant


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There are countless charming creations, whether gem incrusted or plain silver, quirky or fresh , and even plain old simple, a cat pendant or a necklace is a viable option whenever in a pickle about what to get your cat loving friend.

2. Cat Mug


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How about an elegant mug with a long, twisted handle to remind everyone of a specific little cat? Or better yet a transparent mug equipped with whiskers so that, while drinking your milk, you can be the cat for a change?

3. Cat Tower


If your budget can allow it, a cat tower is something that both your friend and his cat will totally love- you have so many options to choose between, from sophisticated to playful, that you can’t swing and miss.

4. Cat Bed


Your friend will most likely already own a cat bed but no one was ever against some redecorating, and when it comes to his furred companion, a special cat bed will hit just the spot in his heart. There are so many models to choose from that your only problem will actually be picking THE ONE- may it be a pod cat bed, a hanging swing bed or your plain and simple cushion heaven, there’s no getting it wrong.

5. Cat Condos

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While we’re on the topic of remodeling, cat condos are also worth considering. There are stackable cube condos in different colors and sizes, stackable leather boxes, or cat trees with built in living quarters, you have an assortment of creations to suit your needs and your budget- simply browse the internet for the best fit.

6. Cat Scratchers


Let’s be honest here, no matter how much your friend loves his cat, there is still the issue of furniture, carpet and curtain destruction that comes as a package deal with any feline. That’s precisely why a clever cat scratcher is just the thing for you- the sisal wrapped scratching surface and the comfortable feel will get your cat away from your prized possessions and focused on claw sharpening for a serious amount of time.

7. Cat Toys

This topic is endless since the variety of toys and contraptions at our disposal is endless.

This Peek-a-Prize toy box is certainly a blast for both your friend and his cat and ensures an activity they can both enjoy.


Another option is a tunnel toy (feel free to combine, mix and match to get exactly what you want) that comes in various shapes and sizes (and for the owner’s convenience, is also easily stored away).

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And what are your thoughts on motorized contraptions, such as this Wand Cat Toy- turn it on and the erratic movement is enough to keep a sweet kitty busy for hours on end.

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Balls, yarns, feather teasers, lasers, mouse toys- there are so many things to choose from that all you need to do is to get-a-browsin’!

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