Creativity at its Best- 7 Infographics Done Right

Whether you have stumbled across infographics yet or you’re just getting acquainted with the term, there are some things you need to know about these amazing ways of getting the message across efficiently and interestingly. Data visualization is difficult to design and although they may look simple to create, they are anything but easy. So here are some of the best examples we have come across for you to get inspired from:

1. How to Become a Superhero



There are maybe some of us who still dream of becoming superheroes and in order to come to the aid of such people, Zia Somjee decided to create this absolutely adorable infographic that makes sure that all the bases are covered, from superhero costume to back story or nemesis. Complete with pro tips and clever ideas, it’s the superhero-to-be bible.

2. Green Technology and Green Growth



You don’t have to be an environmentalist to wonder if there are efforts being made to ensure that your children’s children will live in a world where trees exist and where the air is still breathable. So The World Bank decided to publish this infographic in order to raise awareness and make us become interested in the future of our planet. Clean information on a clean infographic. What more could you want?

3. Google Searches- What We Search For and How We Appear on Google



Few of us have given Google searches much thought and while this may not seem crucial at first, we have come to live in the age of information and if you think that employers don’t check your Facebook profiles and don’t Google you before inviting you to join their business, you are gravely mistaken. Search Engine Land have therefore created this infographic that doesn’t just show you how Google searches work, but that also teaches you how you should modify your online presence so that it brings out the best in you.

4. The Fries that Bind Us


While we are all aware of the power that fast food has over us, few actually know how much such food actually enters our bodies. So Flaming Toast Productions  decided to quantify the number of stores found in each country for both McDonald’s and Starbucks and the results are mind-boggling. McDonald’s earns a whopping 41$ Billion in sales while Starbucks only makes $4.1 billion in comparison. And while it’s not shocking that the USA has more than 10,000 McDonald’s restaurants and 1,000 Starbucks shops, it is shocking that Africa represents the sole source for coffee, sugar and cups but has no single Starbucks shop open within the borders of its many countries.

5. What Americans Spend Their Paychecks On


Whether it sparks your curiosity or not, Visual Economics decided to publish an infographic showcasing the average spending habits of Americans. And it’s no surprise that aside from housing and transportation, food would be at the top of the list.

6. The Epic Battle- Bill Gates vs. Batman


Source: FrugalDad

While it’s an odd battle to say the least (and few of us would have actually thought of this pair-up), there’s clear merit to the initiative. There are so few people who actually know that Bill Gates has contributed immensely to the improvement of overall life quality worldwide and that his charitable work is more than noteworthy.

7. Color and Purchases- Do We Buy Differently When Colors Vary?


Source: KissMetrics

Shopaholics may have found their get-out-of-jail-free card! The creators of this infographic (KISSmetrics) decided to showcase the intimate relationship between colors and and purchases. So now you know why fast-food places or malls paint their walls similarly and why red, yellow and orange are go-to colors for huge sales.

We hope you enjoyed these infographics. If you liked them we’d gladly add more in the future!

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