7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along


Who doesn’t love singing, no matter how bad s/he may be at it? No matter how horrible your voice sounds like, there are a few hidden places where you go and just let it out, because it just feels incredible to sing. The bravest ones of all take their singing skills to karaoke nights.

But karaoke isn’t just about singing, it’s about choosing the right songs, so that you don’t put everyone to sleep while you are mumbling some obscure romantic song. Here are 7 karaoke songs that make the crowd sing along.

1. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along1

This is among the songs with a lot of lyrics, and in case you are not his biggest fan there’s a huge probability to actually mess them up. But if you attempt to present your own Moonwalk in front of the crowd, you’ll mesmerize them forever. Not to mention the fact that they can’t help not to sing along. The King of Pop still rules!

2. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn


This is for all the women who used to sing Gloria Gayner’s I will Survive in the past. The latter is really out-dated nowadays, that’s why this alternative is meant to be a success among all the women in the public. They will sing along, and a feminist outrage will miraculously come to life in front of you. Success guaranteed!

3. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along3

Were you born in the 90s? Is your public just as young? In this case I don’t think Queen is the best choice. You might have been the only teenage freak who secretly listened to his parent’s CDs. Nevertheless this song is a classic, and chances are that you won’t sing it alone. At least the DJ or the doorman will secretly join you. So if you feel like it, go for it. As far as the older readers are concerned, if they chose this one, they’ll instantly hit jackpot.

4. Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along4

This is really easy, so in case you’re not very much of a singer, this is a promising start, no matter how bad you are. Everybody knows this catchy song, and it instantly propels the audience in the humming mood. You’ll get all the support you need.

5. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along5

Everybody goes crazy when hearing this song. It has this magical property of making people go wild whenever they hear this song in larger groups. It’s a modern symbol of liberation and good mood. So hit them hard with this one. Forget your non-existent singing abilities and go with the flow.

6. Madonna – Like a Prayer

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along6

Madonna’s Like a Prayer is one of the most requested songs by karaoke enthusiasts. Despite the fact that the music video was controversial due to its use of Catholic imagery, the song’s gospel-like structure makes it really easy to sing along to. Plus, the lyrics are carved in our subconscious, whether we like it or not.

7. Cranberries – Zombie

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along7

This is a typical example of a song with less relevant lyrics. I’m not undermining their message, but it’s got that really catchy and crazy chorus, where it doesn’t matter what you shout, as long as you do it loud enough. It’s not easy to sing, but like I’ve told you, it’s not about accuracy, it’s more about the riot.

Your 15 minutes of fame are more forthcoming than ever. See you there!

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