7 Must-See Destinations in the UK

Our world features so many wonderful destinations that it might come as impossible to comprise a realistic bucket list of all the places one should see. The United Kingdom is frequented by numerous tourists who all flock to big cities like London, Manchester or Glasgow or want to visit famous locations such as Stonehenge. However, the country has much more to offer and is much more diverse than most of us know. We have comprised a top of must-see destinations in the UK that have not received such popularity. You might want to take them into consideration if you plan to travel there soon.

1. The Orkneys

The Orkneys are one of the must-see destinations in the UK.

Let us begin with The Orkneys, one of the top must-see destinations in the UK. Located near the North-Eastern part of the coast of Scotland, these islands are frequented by people who enjoy scuba diving. The archipelago consists of Mainland, the main island, and two other groups of smaller isles: the North ones and the South ones. The incredibly clear waters give tourists the opportunity of observing shipwrecks from the First and Second World Wars, as well as a diverse array of wildlife.

2. The Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly were involved in the longest bloodless war in history.

Even though the Isles of Scilly are situated in the northern part of Europe, they do resemble the warmer shores of the islands in the Mediterranean. It is the perfect place to enjoy a sub-tropical medium if you do not wish to go to far exotic destinations. The Isles of Scilly were involved in what is considered one of the longest and bloodless wars in history that lasted for 335 years.

3. Blackpool

The top must-see destinations in the UK include the city of Blackpool.

Speaking of beautiful shorelines, Blackpool is another one of the must-see destinations in the UK. Tourists are flocking each year to enjoy both the breathtaking and nostalgic landscapes, but also the fun attractions, such as the Ferris wheel and several roller coaster rides. Other landmarks include the Winter Gardens, the Blackpool Zoo, the Blackpool Tower, Sandcastle Water Park and Blackpool Illuminations.

4. The Isle of Man

Isle of Man is located right in the heart of the U.K.

The Isle of Man is the perfect place for astronomy fans and people who enjoy stargazing, since the sky above it is clearer than in most places in the world. You will not even need special telescopes to be able to spot the Milky Way or the Orion Nebula, as well as the famous and mysterious Northern lights.

5. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are among the most picturesque sights in the country.

Another one of the lesser known must-see destinations in the UK is in the South West England. In the Cotswolds you can go hiking through stunning forests and fields and visit historical cottages. The area covers Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, but also regions from Worcestershire, Somerset, Warwickshire and Wiltshire. The friendly locals will make you feel like at home and at the end of the day you will surely enjoy a pint of ale in one of the picturesque traditional pubs.

6. St. Ives

St Ives has more to show than you might imagine.

This fishing town located in Cornwall may be small, but it certainly has a lot of character. Apart from beautiful sandy beaches, St. Ives also offers a wide variety of sea food, as well as many art galleries and cultural events. The small town managed to get ranked by The Guardian as the best seaside town in 2007, as well as win the best U.K. seaside town title in 2010 and 2011 at the British Travel Awards.

7. Cairngorms

Cairngorms is among the must-see destinations in the UK.

The last on our top must-see destinations in the UK list is Cairngorms. Cairngorms is a ski resort located in the eastern part of the Highlands of Scotland, right beneath the National Park’s mountains. The name comes from the main mountain: Cairn Gorm. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes that are worth exploring, you can enjoy snowboarding or skiing. Definitely worth a try if you do not wish to spend all your money on a trip to the Alps.

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