7 Perfect Gifts for Fallout 4 Fans

The holidays are closing in, are you are still wondering what gift to buy for your Fallout 4 fan friend? Well, your search is over, since we have brought together 7 perfect gifts for Fallout 4 fans, in various shapes, forms and prices. The game was released only recently in November, and already has numerous fans. However, you might also plan to buy some homemade, personalized Fallout merchandise. Whether you are looking for something simple to decorate the house or a costume for a cosplay event, you’ve got it all here.

1. The NZXT Custom PC Case

The Fallout PC Case is one of the 7 perfect gifts for Fallout 4 fans.

If you want to make your gaming experience even more pleasant, why not personalize your personal computer with a Fallout case? It does cost about $300, but you will surely enjoy it. The case is handmade and can be changed to other themes, such as Brotherhood of Steel or Vault 111 from Fallout 4. You can buy it here.

2. Fallout 4 Poster

This Fallout 4 poster is a must-have for fans.

If you are looking for something nice to decorate the walls of your room, there are plenty of posters to choose from. This one costs about $10 and is a representation of a mushroom cloud, a Mr. Handy and a survivor. Named “Please Stand By”, the handmade poster can be ordered either digitally or in physical print. It comes in a 18″x24″ size.

3. Fallout Pint Glasses

Among the top 7 perfect gifts for Fallout 4 fans is the personalized glass.

The Fallout glasses come in different sizes and models. Perfect for drinking your Nuka Cola, Bobrov’s Best Moonshine or Sunset Sasparilla, these glasses are perfectly safe from radiation, so you can enjoy some quality free time in between adventures. The set includes one glass with Vault Boy and one with a logo that you can choose yourself: Nuka Cola, Vault 111 or Vault 101. However, the creator can also add other things like names, dates or different text. You can put them in the dishwasher with no worries. The glasses can be bought here for $22.

4. Vault 111 Coaster

The Vault 111 coaster is perfect for supporting drinks.

This 4” coaster with the model of the Vault 111 door can support the previous glasses or any type of cup. Just imagine how nice it will look next to your Fallout PC. It is 3d printed and has a very old look thanks to being moulded in a special type of resin filled with aluminium. Heavier whethering is available if wanted. However, the $15.93 coaster may present small imperfections, but that surely gives it a more realistic look.

5. Vault 111 Suit

The Vault 111 costume belongs among the top 7 perfect gifts for Fallout 4 fans.

Cosplayers are also in luck if they want to try their hand at The Sole Survivor character. You can find a Vault 111 suit here that can serve as the basis for the costume. It comes in all sizes and can also be custom-tailored for you by request, but it will cost a bit more. The $131 outfit includes gloves, jumpsuits and a belt, and is made from pleather, knit and cotton-plaited polyester.

6. Vault 111 Watch

The Fallout pocket watch can remind you of the time spent in the game.

If you want to be reminded of a certain failed cryogenic freezing experiment every time you check the time, here is a pocket watch with the number of Vault 111. Made out of stainless steel, it costs $19.99 and comes in two colors: golden/chrome and bronze. The watch also has an 80 cm chain, and measures 4,8 cm in diameter.

7. Vault Boy Paper Doll

You can have your own mascot as the Vault Boy doll.

Lastly, you can buy your own Vault Boy to entertain you. Made out of thick art paper, it can move its arms and legs and can be used as a decoration anywhere. You might even consider placing it on your Christmas tree. Additionally you can also order a magnet to be able to stick it on your fridge for instance. The iconic symbol of Fallout 4, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is 16 cm high and 13 cm wide and costs $9.99.

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