The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution

Weddings are not only about joy and cuteness as we can all imagine. However the terror isn’t about the bride’s panic attacks, or the groom’s constantly having second thoughts. It’s about the pressure coming from tradition. Some habits are really strange and seem extremely ridiculous in today’s world. But people seem to cling to them in spite of all evolutionary barriers. Here are the 7 strangest wedding traditions that defy evolution.

#7. The South Korean Balaka

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution7

Smelly fishy men feet are among the most appealing things ever. Especially for women to sense and discover! According to the South Korean tradition, friends of the groom beat the bottom of the groom’s bare feet with a smelly fish called Yellow corvine on the night of his wedding. His ankles are tied with a knot. It is believed that this will make the groom stronger before the first marriage night. Sometimes a stick is also used, to increase the pain. But nowadays it has become a subject for infinite fun.

#6. The Indian Marrying a Tree

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution6

Indian women, who are unfortunate enough to be born when Saturn and Mars are both under the astrological 7th house, are known as Manglicks. And Manglicks are supposedly cursed to have their marriage end in their husband’s death. In order to break this curse they must be married first to a tree, which is destroyed afterwards.

#5. The Chinese Inspecting a Baby Chick’s Liver

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution5

The liver of a poor baby chick holds the secret to a happy marriage. Fair enough! So as the couple is about to set their wedding date, the two, sharing the same knife, slice open a chick to inspect its liver. A healthy liver means they can set a date and the marriage will flourish. Otherwise they just have to keep trying until they find a healthy one. Poor chickens!

#4. The Swedish Kissing Party

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution4

During Swedish weddings, whenever the bride or the groom have to use the toilet, the other gets frantic kisses. So I suppose the best solution would be for both of them to have to use the bathroom at the same time. Otherwise every one at that wedding kisses the remaining one.

#3. The French Trashy Time

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution3

This is a very unusual tradition considering the French, who are very delicate individuals. Well bare in mind the fact that a toilet drinking tradition is what lifts their spirits after the wedding party is over. The friends of the newly-weds collect all of the leftovers, bits of trash, and anything else they deem to be sufficiently gross within a toilet bowl that they would then force the bride and groom to drink out of. Apparently the trash is replaced with chocolate nowadays, but still… Drinking out of a toilet? What for?

#2. The Scottish Blakening the Bride

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution2

For Scotland’s tradition of blackening of the bride, which has expanded to now include the groom, absolutely anything goes. It is a cure for humiliation that the couple is believed to have to face at some point in their lives. They are covered in anything that could cross your mind, from sushi, to sour milk, flour, dirt, garbage, or rotting food and are then publicly laughed at. Well at least this goes on prior to the wedding.

#1. Tidong tribe No Toilet Ritual

The 7 Strangest Wedding Traditions That Defy Evolution1

In Tidong community in Northern Borneo newly married couples are not allowed to empty their bowels or urinating for three days and nights, under any circumstances. It is believed that if they fail to do so, it will bring bad luck. Before the process the couple is starved and given little water. To ensure that they adhere to the rules, close family members guard their bathroom around the clock. It is believed that if they can go through this 72-hour ordeal, they can cope with anything together.

So pick your favorite and go ahead with it. All of them are funny, but discouraging I’d say. I must admit I could never complete #1. Never!

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