7 Things Your iPhone 6 Can Do and You Didn’t Know About

7 Things Your iPhone 6 Can Do and You Didn’t Know About

No matter how scrutinous you are with your iPhone and discovering just how much it can do, there simply are some things you have almost no chance of figuring out by yourself, without a manual in hand or the handy Google. While some are more useful than others, you never know when some of these 7 things about your iPhone 6’s capabilities might actually come in handy.

1. Vibration has levels too

Levels or rather patterns. This is something you might have definitely missed if you’re not the kind of person who likes to have different ringtones for different people. This cannot be done from the general settings menu and instead from the contact edit information screen. Right below the name and phone number brackets, you can first select a specific ringtone for that particular person or select a special vibration pattern from a handful of pre-recorded ones. If you’re feeling inventive, you can also record your own vibration pattern – for both the ringtone and the text tone as well.

2. Siri the Secretary

Did you know that Siri can help you go through your emails while you’re busy doing something else? While she won’t be reading the entire content of all the emails, by asking her to do so will provide you with the email’s sender, subject and date you received it. Alternatively, she can also read you the content of the last email as well if you specify her to do it.

3. Letter passcode

Because digit passcodes are too mainstream and you also feel reticent about recording your fingerprints on your iPhone, guess what. Your phone can use letter passcodes for unlocking just as well. In order to enable this you need to go to your phone’s Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off the Simple Passcode setting. Your screen should now display a keyboard instead of the dial pad you normally see. Just as well, when you will want to unlock your phone, the keyboard will pop up instead.

4. Shake for scrapping texts

I have literally owned Apple phones for the past several years and have never, ever even known that shaking the phone has its own functionalities such as deleting texts. Backspacing through a long text is an unbearably tedious thing to do on iPhones and this feature saves a whole lot of time. If you want an easy way to delete everything you wrote simply shake your phone and you will be prompted to undo typing or to cancel the command. After deleting it, shaking the phone again will make another window that allows you to redo the delete in case it was done accidentally.

5. Easy selfies

Getting your perfect selfie shot from above gets difficult when you have to tap on the screen to take the shot. In case you didn’t know, there is an easier way for you to do this by using the volume buttons – more specifically by pressing your up volume button. This way you get a better grip on the phone and can steady the image for the perfect shot.

6. Super charging

It’s no turbo charging, but still faster. Firstly however, you probably already know that charging your phone by using a power socket is way faster than doing it through the USB connected to a computer. I personally always have to go for the USB method since most of my power sockets are taken by my computer, laptop, monitors and every other piece of machinery and the nearest free one is way further than the short iPhone power cable can go without taking the phone out from arms’ reach. So if you’re in a hurry and you really need to juice up your iPhone while you’re hastily getting dressed, turning it on Airplane mode will allow it to charge considerably faster.

7. Finish my sentences, phone!

No, it won’t phrase you the second half of your excuse for being late. But by double tapping the space bar after finishing the sentence in your text will add a period and a space, allowing you to get to fluently continue typing.

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