7 Things You Didn’t Know Before Moving Out

As kids, we all day dreamed about growing up, living alone and taking all the decisions for ourselves. But when it gets to it, the whole experience loses its charm, especially if you experience these 7 things you didn’t know before moving out. When you live with your parents you don’t bother too much paying bills, doing laundry or cleaning the house. It usually hits you on your way to college, with a trunkful of clothes, teddy bears and CD collections. It dawns on you that from here on you’re an adult. With responsibilities. That you have to make sure you eat three times a day, and floss daily and have clean socks. Which is both thrilling and depressing.

1. So much laundry

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

Before I moved out I always used to complain I had nothing to wear. Now, as an adult living on her own, I realize I own way too many clothes every time I have to do laundry. And the sorting! Beware the red socks, they are your worst enemies. And you know that knob on your washing machine? Recent studies show it allows you to select different programs for different types of clothes. Just putting it out there!

2. What’s for dinner? A jar of Nutella

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

And ice cream. With potato chips! And a bucket of Pepsi. Because you’re living on your own and you can. But really, no one will keep tab on what you’re eating once you move out. Except your body, which is probably what matters the most. Your first impulse will be to go in the candy lane and fill your cart with every kind of chocolate in there. You should fight this urge if you still want your parents to recognize you when you go home for Christmas.

3. You’ll have to clean yourself

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

Unlike your parents house, which magically cleaned itself, where food appeared every day on the table and the fridge stocked up itself (just kidding, those were your parents keeping you fed and clean), once you start living on your own, things will change. You’ll learn what dusting implies, you’ll discover that you can’t clean your furniture with water and you’re going to have to vacuum. A lot. Better start practicing now.

4. Also, there is ironing

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

If you don’t like creased shirts, I have more bad news for you. Hanging your clothes in the bathroom won’t do the trick. You’ll need to watch some Youtube tutorials and burn some shirts before you master the technique, but hey, no one was born knowing it all, right?

5. They have everything at Ikea…

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

You’ll go in to buy some glasses and cutlery… and you’ll come out with more than your car can carry. But how could you resist those polka dots curtains, the fake plants, the soft blankets or that set of six versatile, durable pans?

6. … but putting it together is not that much fun

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

If you buy a desk for Ikea, you better  be popular in your dorm, because you’re going to need back up. And by that I mean at least six people. Have you seen their instructions? Sure, it’s not rocket science, but it ain’t easy either. And make sure to triple check before you screw everything in tightly. I learned it the hard way.

7. You’ll want to hang out with your parents more

7 Things You Didn't Know Before Moving Out

Yes, it ‘s going to happen. You’ll only remember mom’s awesome lasagna and dad’s mean spaghetti. And you’ll find yourself calling home more and even jumping on a train for a surprise visit. It’s all part of moving out and becoming and adult.

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