7 Ugliest Shoes on the Planet

When it comes to ugly, shoes can have a horror impact, because an ugly shoe is definitely life changing. You will never forget such an experience. So here they are: the 7 ugliest shoes on the planet!

 Louis Vuitton – Daisy Half Boots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet1

If a combination between oriental home slippers and UGGs are what you are looking for, well these comfy, yet horrible boots is the perfect match for you. The fringe in the back gives them the feminine touch any lady longs for in a shoe. They’re pink, they are cozy and they have golden hills for a confident walk through life. And the perfect thing as far as these Daisy Hallf Boots are concerned is the fact that none other than Louis Vuitton designed them. I definitely cannot appreciate style.

Mexican Boots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet2

Let us not neglect our male fans. Here you have the famous, yet extremely ugly male Mexican boots, or botas vaqueras exoticas as they are called by their fans. This trend has apparently extended to Texas, Tennesse or Oklahoma, parts where one can usually run into a lot of Mexican immigrants.

Moreover there’s also a dance competition that has them in the spotlight. There’s one contest that rewards the Mexican with the longest and most beautified sharp boots. These exotic boots are enhanced with all sorts of glittering little stones. The most popular ones are provided with LEDs and mirrors. The longest end can reach 6 inches. And apparently, the ladies are drawn to the men who wear these like a magnet.

Iris Schieferstein’s Vegas Girl Heels

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet3

When goats are your passion, you should try these on. Taxidermy encountered fashion in the most stylish manner. They definitely have a dark side, goat hoof reminding everybody of bad old Satan. Lady Gaga is likely to have at least ten pairs of these. I’m not being rude here; it’s just that she seems to have a special connection with hoofed animals, that’s all. The model she ordered is actually a custom, heel-free version with pink laces. So back to nature, everybody and start wearing some good old animal style goat boots!

P.S. They are actually crafted from real horse hooves.

Doggy Style Shoes

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet4

If you’re fond of dogs and you know it, you should get a pair of these. They look like your dog, but they could be your absolute doggy high heels. They’re ugly, they have no style, no pleasant proportions and last but not least, they are provided with a tongue! Their hills are the dog’s ears and their edge is the dog’s nose. How amazing is that? Amazingly ugly I’d say…

Anna Korshun’s Gray Ankleboots

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet5

If you’ve always been fascinated by the shoebox and not the shoes inside, this is you chance to express yourself! These Belarusian designer’s ankleboots draw “from communist upbringing,” and the idea was that the austerity would eliminate fashions’ seasonal whims. It actually just looks like the model’s wearing a shoebox. But hey, who am I to judge?

Balenciaga Multicolored Plastic Techno-Sandal

7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet6

At $4175, they seem the ugliest thing one can buy. They look like ski bindings, only more horribly looking and way more uncomfortable, that’s for sure. They were created in 2007, by Nicolas Ghesquiere, for a tribe of multicultural schoolgirls. Well, he definitely defied multiculturalism with these sandals.

Ahmet Baitar Bootbags


7 of the Ugliest Shoes on the Planet7They were reportedly inspired by Mullholand Drive. Well any absurd thing can be sustained by this argument. The movie however, despite its shallow lack of meaning, is very coherent. But let’s not beat about the bush, here. These bootbags are the thing to wear. And if you’re looking for a more rustic walk, just hold them in your hand, or if you forget your bag for groceries at home, just use one of your boots, or better both! 

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