8 Funny Album Covers You Won´t Believe Really Exist

The joys of looking at strange album covers is one of those pleasures that has been just about lost to us now.

However, through the wonders of the internet we can now look at some of the funniest album covers ever made.

Norberto de Freitas

Funny Album Covers

I have no idea if that burning hunk of sophisticated Portuguese-speaking manliness is the real Norberto or a stunt double. In either case, this isn´t the kind of album you would casually leave lying around on a coffee table to impress any friends who dropped by. The guy just looks like a goatee-wielding maniac.

Shut Up and Dance

Funny Album Covers

Shut up and dance, they said, Dance before the police come, they said. Limited edition includes free 7”, they said. To be honest, a pair of shirtless dudes holding Ninja weapons can get away firing off nonsensical phrases like this. If you or I said this kind of dribbling nonsense people would just ignore us. These Ninja loving dancing fools got to make an actual music album. Think about it, people.

Thank You for the Dove

Funny Album Covers

Can there be a gentler, more heart-warming phrase in the English language than “Thank you for the dove”? Mike Adkins is the man brimming over with bird-related gratitude and who can blame him. This dude has been given a whopping great dove and he ain´t scared to show the world how glad he is. Hang on a second…what?

Svetlana Gruebbersolvik

Funny Album Covers

This funny album cover raises more questions than I can possibly answer in the remaining minutes before Dancing with the Stars captivates my entire attention span. For a start, has there ever been a better name in the history of human endeavor than Svetlana Gruebbersolvik? If my surname was Gruebbersolvik I would spend hours thinking of possible names like this for my kids. Sadly, this riveting looking album isn´t even real but is one of those gosh jolly good internet fakes that don´t really fool us at all. Ahem.


Funny Album Covers

Who is Heino and why is he holding the entire poodle population of a small German town in his arms? It’s just a guess, but I reckon that Heino is a master dognapper who uses his album covers to brazenly show how good he is at this hobby. Or he might just love his poodles, I guess.

I Love My Life

Funny Album Covers

You would love your life too if it basically consisted of being paid to get your photo taken while standing under a shower with a giant walrus style moustache. Eagle eyes viewers will notice how he is trying so very hard to keep his tache dry. This tells me that it is probably a piece of fake facial hair that could fall off if he starts loving life too much.

Millie Jackson

Funny Album Covers

When you think about it, there are far too few funny album covers showing the artist sitting on the can. Millie tries to buck the trend and does a pretty good job of it, I feel.

Klik Klak

Funny Album Covers

If there were more funny album covers like this the world would be a better if somewhat weirder place. The facts that the album is called klik klak and that the burly lady is holding a pair of balls makes me think that the whole shooting match might consist of her making klik klak noises in an overly earnest way. Surely not. The world can´t be that weird, can it?

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