8 Funny Yoga Images to Leave You Scratching Your Head

If you want to give yoga a try for the first time then you might want to start off with some of the simplest postures around, like standing up unsupported and just breathing.

What you don´t want to do is try and turn straight from a lazy couch potato into a twisting, contorted human corkscrew by recreating any of these funny yoga images.

The Foot on Head Yoga Image   

Funny Yoga Images

Most of us get through our daily lives without feeling the need to rest one of our feet on our head. Having said that, this guy has found a neat way to chill out while, err, hanging up there supported by one hand. 

The Upside Down Yoga Picture

Funny Yoga Images

Hey, this is a good moment to mention that I have no idea if some of these are Photoshopped rather than genuine funny yoga images. In this case – and without wanting to sound too harsh – this lady doesn´t really like the owner of the body of a yoga expert. Yet, there´s her little old head, down there when it sure as heck ain´t meant to be.

The Yoga Expert

Funny Yoga Images

Now this chap has clearly got decades of experience in twisting his body into improbable positions. He is even wearing a cool red all in one jumpsuit type thing that looks just about the most comfortable piece of clothing ever devised.    

The 3 in 1 Funny Yoga Image

Funny Yoga Images

Now don´t say that I am not good to you. You came here looking for pictures of peoples doing weird and ridiculous things with their overly elastic bodies and now I give you a 3 in 1 special. Which one of them do you think is best? Personally, I like the guy at the back who just decided to lay flat out on the floor. That´s my kind of yoga style.     

The Painful Yoga Position

Funny Yoga Images

Ok, so I decided that it was time to try out one of these yoga postures, to see if they are possible for a normal person. And when I say a normal person I mean a lazy dude who hasn´t stretched his limbs in a meaningful way since 2006. I chose this one because it looked the easiest so far but it turns out that my arms are too short, my legs are too stiff and my feet don´t want to obey my instructions.

The Dog Yoga Image 

Funny Yoga Images

Now this is a yoga position I could just about manage, although I´m not sure I could pull off the dopey canine smile. Jeez, who am I trying to kid; that looks exactly like me putting on my best intellectual look.

The Madonna Yoga Image

Funny Yoga Images

Madonna is one of the most famous yogi in the world but what on Earth is she doing here? And why does she have high heel shoes on? And is that even her? And why did she make that awful cover of American Pie?

The Cat Yogi Picture

Funny Yoga Images

If dogs can get into funny yoga postures then surely our feline buddies can as well. This charming little fellow is just starting out but I feel sure that before long he will try and twist his furry body into that Madonna posture. He´s probably a better singer as well.

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