8 Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

The 2000s were the golden years of pop culture. Stars experimented with music and new clothing styles were invented. Check out these 8 insane celebrity outfits from the 2000s. The tasseled flip flops, outrageous stilettos, denim outfits, ripped t-shirts and tacky jewelry are just a few tricks artists had up their sleeves back then. Still, it’s a tad ironic we were head over heels in love with the quirky outfits back then, but we’re pointing and laughing now. We all have skeletons in our closets and by that I mean embarassing high school pictures back from when our mom was still in charge of buying our clothes. Or that cringy close up taken the day after you decided you can totally pluck your own eyebrows. Let’s dive in some even weirder photos, illustrating celebrities’ clothing style (or lack of it) in the 00s.

1. P!nk at the MTV music awards in September 2000

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

What should we start with? Should it be the outrageous neon pink hair color, the tacky golden hooks adorning her jeans, the flashy top or the shiny coat with fur on the inside? We all love her unique voice and admittedly her songs give us goose bumps. But to be honest, this picture does that too.

2. Christina Aguilera – April 2001

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

We can tolerate the madwoman hair, the wispy eyebrows and even the lipgloss shade. But why would you wear a velvety dress that looks that it was chewed on by Godzilla? Here’s another bright idea: let’s accessorize it with some golden tinfoil shaped as a sack. Brilliant!

3. Lil’ Kim – September 1999

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

Trying to be a mermaid, Lil Kim managed to set some new standards for hideousness. She could have pulled off the hair color if it would’ve been the only purple thing on her… but she didn’t. The jumpsuit looks like something a 5 year old could design and the pattern is downright fugly.

4. Paris Hilton in January 2001

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

Cute hair, cute jeans, cute smile… Oh, wait, are those Yeti’s boots? I mean sandals. I mean shoes. I’m very confused right now. I can definitely see what she was trying to do, matching her top to her shoes, but that still doesn’t start to account for the weirdness and the awkwardness in this photo.

5. Fergie – November 2003

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

I know big girls don’t cry, but am I the only one tearing up looking at this? On the other hand, it sums up the 2000s pretty well: we have the cleavage, the passionate red color on the eyes, lips, jacket, purse and in the hair, we have the white overalls and the tiny shabby chic bag. And presto, she’s ready to hit the streets.

6. Anastasia – February 2002

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

Oh, the colorful rimless sun glasses, the braids, the beads, the leather. So many memories. Anastasia’s outfit was surely eclectic, with a predominance towards leather and brown. Despite damaging our retinas now, she seemed to have fun in her abnormal outfit, so I guess that’s all that really matters.

7. Britney Spears – November 2000

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

Oops, she did it again! She spilled that iced tea latte all over her slightly ripped stretchy dress. And is that a heart shaped stain at the bottom? The romantic side of Britney never failed to shine through. Even in this muddy outfit which looks like something you should drop at your dry cleaner’s.

8. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake – January 2001

Insane Celebrity Outfits from the 2000s

We’ve left the best (or worst!) for the last. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… the denim couple. Even though we can’t see Britney’s shoes in this picture, I’m pretty sure they were made from an old pair of jeans as well. And all I can say about Timberlake is that yes, I will cry you a river over this insane outfit.

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